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How To Keep Wasps Out Of Your Worcester Yard This Spring

a buzzing wasps infesting food on an new england property

Why Are Wasps More Active In Summer?

Many of us here in Worcester feel a lot more alive and energetic when the days get warm and sunny after several months of cloudy skies and frosty weather. The same is true for pests such as wasps. As the cold weather has receded and been replaced by clear skies and high temperatures, yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets have all become active again, ready to buzz around and strengthen their colonies or individual nests. Wasps of all species have no problem invading our yards and coming into our space to create nests in our trees, decks, and rooflines. No one wants a wasps nest threatening their security, which is why it is important to take steps to prevent wasps from deciding to nest on your property.

What Can I Do To Keep Wasps Away From My Home?

With the warm weather encouraging high wasp activity, many Worcester residents are trying to find ways to keep them off their property. If wasp prevention steps are what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. However, these steps will only help deter wasps from your property, not treat an existing wasp problem.

  • Reduce food sources such as pet food, open soda bottles, ketchup containers, and other sticky food items with high sugar contents.
  • If possible, keep flowering plants to a minimum, as they attract many types of stinging insects, including wasps.
  • Remove half-built nests of solitary wasps, but never try and remove a nest on your own that is fully built.
  • Ensure that all your exterior walls have no gaps or cracks that wasps can use to get into your wall spaces and attic to create nests.

Why Professional Wasp Treatment is Best For Your Worcester Home

Wasps are capable of inflicting painful stings when disturbed, which can be especially dangerous with larger wasps nests such as yellow jacket nests. For this reason, it is always your best bet to enlist the help of a professional pest control expert for your wasp infestations. The pest technicians here at Big Blue Bug Solutions have the experience you need to remove the threat of wasps from your property in a quick and effective way. Don’t let wasps ruin your peace this summer, contact the professionals here at BBB today and get the pest solution you need for your Worcester home.