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Why Now Is The Time For Termite Protection For New England Homeowners


Spring is termite-swarming season and it’s almost here in New England. It’s a good idea to take measures now to prevent termites from choosing your home this spring. Termite damage can be extremely costly. It’s far better to take steps now to protect your New England home from termites than to have to pick up the pieces and repair the damage after they’ve moved in.

Termites Through the Seasons

While it’s possible that termites can stay active all year long if they have already established a colony in your home, they are far more likely to be problematic in the spring and summer. In the spring, termite swarmers leave their parent colony to find a mate and establish a new colony. They work all summer long building that colony, possibly destroying your home in the process. In the winter, termites outdoors tend to go deep enough underground to go dormant and survive, reemerging in the spring.

Termite Damage

Termites feed on wood and have a voracious appetite. In large numbers, they can destroy the structural integrity of your home. In most cases, termite damage is not covered by regular homeowners’ insurance so if you get an infestation you are on your own to cover the cost of the damage.

Prevention Steps

Homeowners can take some DIY prevention steps to help keep termites away but there are no guarantees. Removing decaying and untreated wood from around your property and being sure your home is sealed and dry are all good steps to take. Unfortunately, this still doesn’t ensure that termites won’t take up residence on your New England Property.

Professional Pest Control

If you are unprotected against termites as we head into the spring, please contact us at Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our professionals have years of experience utilizing termite systems that eliminate any current termites as well as prevent future infestations. Our termite warranty gives you peace of mind knowing that our work is guaranteed and that you and your home are protected. Call us today for an inspection, it’s never too early to begin protecting your New England home from the potentially devastating damage that termites can cause.