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Why Call A Professional For Bat Problems Around Portland


When winter comes around, the pests that are trying to evade the cold weather in South Portland become a problem. While winter pests typically invade while the weather is cold outside, they don’t always choose to leave once the weather has warmed up again, and this can be a cause for many more problems as the year progresses. Bats are among the pests that invade during the winter. When it gets cold outside, bats begin looking for a place where they can hibernate and overwinter.

This can be a major problem on its own but can become much more of an issue if those bats don’t want to leave after they have awakened in the spring. The problems bats bring to homes can be incredibly difficult, or even dangerous, to handle on your own, but that’s not the only reason why having a bat inside your home is something you want to avoid.

Once bats have invaded your home, whether they got in through your ventilation, chimney, or anywhere else, they can begin creating major damage and health problems for you and anyone else who lives in your South Portland home. Some problems bats can cause include:

  • Leaving urine in feces everywhere, which can create a horrific smell in your home, or even be the cause of mold or water damage.
  • Bats are carriers of many other parasitic pests, such as ticks, fleas, and mites.
  • Some bats may have rabies and can transmit that disease to you if you are bitten. However, even if the bat in your home isn’t rabid, it can still leave you with very nasty bites and scratches that are painful and could become infected.
  • A fungus inside bat feces can cause serious lung problems like histoplasmosis.

When bats have invaded your South Portland home, it is very important to remember to never try to get rid of them on your own. DIY measures can often be dangerous or entirely ineffective, and may even leave you with more problems than you started with. It is always better to contact pest control experts from Big Blue Bug Solutions to come and deal with your bat problems so you are in no danger of being bitten, contracting disease, or having damage inflicted on your home. Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today and get the quality pest protection you need to rest easy tonight and every other night knowing that your home is protected.