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When Massachusetts, Rhode Island, And Connecticut Homes Can Expect Ants

a colony of ants creating great damage in a wooden structure on a home in new england

While we all know that ants in the New England area are most active in the summer, that doesn’t mean we can’t start taking steps now to control them. Being proactive with pest control rather than reactive is usually more effective and helps to prevent other problems.

Why Ants Will Be on the Rise Soon

As the weather warms up in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, it awakens dormant ants. It really doesn’t matter what type of ant it is as they all have similar behaviors in that they go dormant in the cold weather and are most active when it’s warm. As the sun shines in spring the ants begin foraging for food and getting ready to start actively building and expanding their colonies.

One exception is if you have ants in your home already, particularly carpenter ants, as winter sets in. If they are in your warm sheltered home with a food source, they can continue to cause damage all winter and will become an even bigger problem once spring arrives.

Factors that Attract Ants

Ants need moisture and a food source. In your yard, leaf piles, rotted wood, damp decking or porch material, soft ground, and plush landscaping are all attractive homes for ants. Around your property, they will forage on your pet food, trash, gardens and any other food that is left out. Inside your home ants are looking for a similar environment with a readily available food source.

Preventing Ants

The best way to reduce the number of ants on your property and try to keep them out of your home is to make your property unattractive to them. You can do this by reducing moisture such as keeping your grass trimmed short, cleaning up yard debris quickly, removing rotted logs, using only treated lumber for outdoor building projects, and eliminating food sources. To keep them out of your home, seal up as many small cracks as possible, fix broken windows and doors including installing door sweeps, repair damaged vents or screens and clean up any trash and spills quickly and store food in sealed containers.

Professional Help

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, our Homeowners Policy ensures that you get three yearly visits to prevent a variety of pests on your property. The best way to reduce the number of ants on your property and keep them out of your New England home is by taking preventative measures. It’s not too soon to give us a call to help prevent ants from becoming a problem this spring.