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How To Prepare For Summer Bed Bugs As Tourist Season Returns To South Portland

a portland maine house keeper checking for bed bugs as she is preparing for turnover during tourist season

It’s hard not to enjoy the warm weather, especially after the winter we just had. Glistening sun rays invite us out to enjoy the fresh air of spring, and everything seems to be right with the world. Unfortunately, we are not the only ones enjoying the warmer weather, bed bugs are loving it as well.

Bed Bugs and Tourists Seeing The Sights

In a way, bed bugs are a lot like tourists, but only if tourists traveled until they found a home to invade. Sometimes bed bugs and tourists even stick together, although the tourists are not usually aware of this fact. This is because bed bugs are sneaky pests that will hide in or on anything they can cling to. Most commonly they will do this on travelers' items such as clothing, suitcases, and souvenirs.

Because bed bugs are hitchhiking pests, the more movement there is in an area, the more of an opportunity bed bugs have to move around and infest new locations. If a tourist stays in a hotel room that has bed bugs, then travels around to see the sights, they bring with them the potential of bed bug infestations everywhere they go. This allows bed bugs to spread and potentially be brought home with any unsuspecting individual.

Preventative Measures To Keep Bed Bugs Away From your South Portland Home

Due to all of the hustle and bustle of tourists moving to and for, bed bugs could be anywhere, and because bed bugs require a ride to get into your home, only you, your family, or anyone you have invited over can bring bed bugs inside. The best way to stop this is to know what bed bugs look like and where they hide. Here are some tips to avoid bed bugs entering your home.

  • Know what bed bugs look like in every stage of their development
  • Know the signs bed bugs leave behind
  • Check used furniture for bed bugs before bringing it inside
  • If you take a trip, store your dirty clothing in a plastic bag and wash it on a high-heat setting as soon as you get home, this will kill any living bed bugs and bed bug eggs hiding within.
  • Investigate items, especially fabric items before bringing them inside. Bed bugs could be hiding or clinging on or in them.
  • Inform potential guests about bed bugs and the signs they leave behind so they can make sure not to bring bed bugs with them when they visit.

Why Go With Big Blue For Effective Treatments if Bed Bugs Become A Problem

If despite your efforts to keep bed bugs away from your home, they still manage to find their way inside, the professionals here at Big Blue have the solution for you. With over 83 years of experience and plenty of happy customers backing us up, you don’t have to worry. We will always get the job done right. Give us a call today, we would love to discuss our eco-friendly options with you, and find a solution that suits your needs.