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How South Portland Homes Benefit From Professional Wasp Removal

a large colony of wasps flying and infesting a meaty meal plated on a southern portland property

Did you know that wasps live everywhere but Antarctica? This fact may make a little more sense here in Maine than anywhere else in America. The truth is, no matter how bad our winters get, when the warm weather of spring and summer returns, wasps will as well. This could mean cautious walks to the car, quarantining the kids from the back yard, or outdoor barbeques canceled because of the threat of stingers. What is your plan if wasps settle down on your property?

Factors That Attract Wasps To Portland Homes

If wasps have found their way onto your property and have set up a nest, they did so for a reason. Here are a few reasons why wasps may decide to settle down on your property.

  • Flowering Plants: Sometimes flowering plants are not just pretty to look at but also a good source of food for stinging insects.
  • Barbeques: Grilling and eating steak, hot dogs, and hamburgers outside can be a blast, but it can also attract unwanted stingers. A few pieces of dropped meat may not seem like much to you, but it is a feast for a nest of wasps.
  • Pet Food: If you prefer to feed your pets outdoors, you may be feeding more than your dog or cat, but wasps as well.
  • Fruit Trees: Having a fruit tree in your yard can be a great way to get freshly grown fruit. However, when that fruit falls, it becomes especially tasty to wasps as well.
  • Outdoor Gatherings: Along with barbeques, other outdoor gatherings can have items that wasps enjoy. If you find yourself hosting a party outside with plenty of food, there is always the chance that wasps will want to join the party too.

The more of these conditions you have on your property, the more likely wasps will be to settle down and build a nest nearby. Keep in mind that wasps are extremely territorial creatures that are much more likely to attack if they feel you or someone you love is threatening their nest. For this reason, the farther away wasps nests are from your home, the better.

Why Professional Treatment Is Always Beter Than DIY

Dealing with wasps on your own can be a dangerous task. Whether you are using potentially hazardous chemicals and pesticides or attempting a homemade quick fix, there is always a good chance that the outcome will not end as you would like. To prevent this from happening, consider giving the pros here at Big Blue a call today. Our methods for wasp removal are fast, safe, and effective. Don't wait to get us involved. We would be happy to help.