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Protecting Your Worcester Home From Wood-Destroying Carpenter Ants

a colony of carpenter ants on a worchester massachusetts patio

These hungry ants are ready to come marching one by one into your home, even if another freezing Massachusetts winter is almost upon us!

Carpenter ants are large, 1/4 - 1/2 inch creatures that come in color variations of black, yellow, red, orange, and brown. Large, heavy-duty mandibles for tearing through wood are easily spotted on their exterior. Contrary to popular belief, these insects destroy wood by creating nests, but they don't consume it the way termites do.

Unlike most insects, carpenter ants aren't too bothered by the coming of the winter season. A hibernation period known as diapause, allows these bugs to get through even our extreme northeastern weather. When the queen carpenter ant ends egg production in late fall, worker ants aggregate more than they had previously done and produce glycerol and swollen gasters. Because these ants can prevent the formation of ice crystals in their bodies, homeowners can expect to find these insects in their walls year-round.

If there are carpenter ants holed up in your walls, you might find scouts foraging for food to bring back to the colony. This can include morsels from dirty dishes, the trashcan, or even pet food.

Crack Down on Carpenter Ants

Even if carpenter ants have the ability to slow their metabolism with diapause, that doesn’t mean they won’t still be on the hunt for food in your holiday home. Protect your property the right way with preventative measures that dramatically decrease the attractiveness of your property from these tenacious insects.

  • Keep all food messes cleaned. This includes neatly washing dishes, taking out the trash, and storing pet food well.
  • Keep rotted wood out of the yard. Properly stack firewood well away from your home and up off the ground.
  • Trim trees, bushes, and other shrubbery away from the home.
  • Seal cracks or crevices around windows, doors, or walls.

In the event that carpenter ants have gotten into your property despite all of your best efforts, immediately call a reputable pest control company for help.

Big Blue Bug is Here to Help

Carpenter ants are a constant threat here in Worcester and have the potential to ruin your winter holiday season. Don’t put off important treatments and preventative measures and let the ants cause damage to your walls. Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today for professional solutions with professional results.

Our award-winning company is founded on delivering extraordinary customer service with modern solutions for wintertime carpenter ant infestations and beyond. Interested in seeing if your home is at risk? Schedule your comprehensive home inspection with a knowledgeable pest control operative today. Whether you're facing a potential ant infestation or a full-blown takeover, Big Blue Bug is here to help.