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Those Creepy Millipedes In Your Worcester Home Won't Hurt You

a millipede crawling the the walkway of a worcester massachusetts home

The creepiest things in life sometimes aren’t things at all. They’re bugs

Insects like millipedes have a reputation for being one of the longest, weirdest, and just plain grossest bug out there. Unlike the name suggests, millipedes don’t actually have a million legs. They measure 2.5 to 4-centimeters long. Like armored worms with legs and antenna, millipedes have a segmented body with two legs on each segment. It’s difficult to determine the exact number of legs per millipede, but it definitely isn’t a million! When poked, threatened, or attacked, this bug will curl up into a tight spiral. When the threat has passed, they will retreat into their homes of decaying matter, leaves, and damp mulch.

Periods of heavy rain or fluctuating temperatures have been known to cause millipedes to migrate to new areas, including people’s homes. While the idea of a horde of these creatures infesting your home might make your skin crawl, these bugs pose very little cause for alarm. In fact, millipedes aren’t dangerous or destructive to people at all. Some species of this bug can release strong toxins that create rashes if they are handled, but these will clear up in a matter of hours.  

The real problem that millipedes pose to homeowners is unsightliness. No one wants to be around when these insects rear their ugly heads! 

Millipede Madness: Solved! 

Millipedes can find their way into a home in a variety of ways: 

  • Crawlspace vents 
  • Garage doors 
  • Basement doors and windows 
  • Lack of weather stripping on doors and windows 

The best method of keeping these creepy critters out is to prevent them from finding your home in the first place. A few ways to keep them away include:

  • Maintaining a well-groomed lawn 
  • Removing debris and decaying matter 
  • Running a humidifier in problem moisture areas in the home
  • Adding weather stripping, as well as sealing cracks or crevices around the house. 

If millipedes are proving to be more of a problem than your preventative measures can handle, it’s time to schedule a comprehensive home inspection with a reputable Big Blue Bug agent.  

Experience the Triple-B Difference 

Millipedes may not be the worst pest to find in your home, but even one unwanted bug is one bug too many. If you’re experiencing some unwanted insect activity in or around your home, contact the professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions today. 

Our professional team of pest control operatives is highly trained on all things modern pest control, including contemporary abatement, treatment, and elimination. Big Blue is proud to provide the residents of Worcester some of the best pest control options on the market. Call Big Blue Bug Solutions today to learn more about how we can serve you.