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3 Ways To Prevent Damage From Wildlife

raccoon trying to get into a trash can

When fall hits, the wild animals around your home are going to start looking for a place to escape the frost. If you offer them a nice, cozy den, they'll take you up on it. Many times, you don't even realize you have provided the perfect conditions for their habitation. You might have a dryer exhaust vent pumping out warm air under your porch, inviting a skunk or raccoon to nest. You may have a broken window, or rotted spot, on the back of your garage, giving bats a hole just big enough to squeeze in. Your garage, attic, deck, patio, or porch, can be just as appealing as an old dead log in the woods--even better--if you've provided a heat source.

When wild animals come to visit, they don't treat your home like you would. They are wild, after all. So, what can you expect? You can expect them to knock over your garbage cans, tear into garbage bags, chew through food boxes as easily as they chew through your sheetrock, leave their excrement everywhere, and happily tear off pieces of your house, garage, and shed, to make their dens and nests.

Here are three ways to prevent damage from wildlife.

  1. Don't invite them into your yard. If they aren't roaming around your yard, they won't be looking for a place to live. If you have a raccoon living under your porch, sealed garbage cans may not keep him out, but those sealed garbage cans will make your home less attractive, if he is just passing through. Exposed trash, even if it is bagged, will draw wildlife into your yard. Keep all food sources sealed, and unavailable. That means, don't put pet food down outside, and don't leave a plate with a third of a sandwich on it. Food, even rotted food, draws wildlife.

  2. Repair any entry points. If you don't have the money for a full reconstruction, at least cover holes with a board, some caulking, or screens. If you have areas under your deck, patio, or porch, that cannot be sealed off, put a generous amount of mothballs down there. This can ward off many pests.

  3. Fill in any pools of water in your yard, or next to the house. Wild animals need to drink. If you have rain water collecting next to your foundation, they'll come for a sip. Fill these in with gravel, or fix your gutter system, so rain water is channeled away from the wall of your foundation.

With these three simple tips, you will be able to keep most of those wild animals from sniffing around. But, to be sure your home is fully protected, give us a call for a free inspection. Our experienced technicians can help you find places you've missed, and help you keep those curious animals from wrecking your home.