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3 Common Worcester Fall Pests To Watch For This Fall

house mouse

Sometimes we think bugs are only a problem in spring and summer and that once the weather cools down, we can relax and forget about all those pesky insects. Right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Fall pests exist and can be just as problematic as summer pests. Here’s a look at three common fall pests in Worcester and some reasons year-round pest control is more than worth it.


Silverfish are wingless insects with a white or grey hue. Their metallic color and fish-like movements earned them the name silverfish. They are nocturnal and avoid light, but just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t in your house.

They can climb walls and enter homes through cracks near the windows, doors, or even through pipes and vents. Silverfish love moisture, so you’ll often find them in bathrooms, basements, and attics. They also come into homes looking for food. They love sugars and carbohydrates. Although silverfish aren’t harmful to humans and can’t bite or sting, they will chew on belongings. You may find holes in clothes and books, destroyed photographs or newspapers, or even holes in your wallpaper.


These insects have pincers on the back of their abdomen, which can be frightening to look at. Although it’s uncommon for an earwig to pinch a human, their pincers can cause pain. They are long, narrow insects with six legs, and are often dark brown in color.

Earwigs are attracted to dirt, leaves, and moisture. An unfinished basement is an ideal home for these pests which thrive on damp air and darkness. Although these insects aren’t dangerous to humans, they can cause problems by eating plants in gardens or in homes. They secrete a bad odor if they feel threatened, so you'll want to leave these pests to the professionals.


Mice enter Worcester homes when the weather gets cold in order to find a warm hiding place. Unlike silverfish and earwigs, mice do pose a distinct threat to humans. They can carry several diseases, most notably salmonella. Mice will wander your kitchen at night in search of food. In this process, they will leave droppings and bacteria behind. If these bacteria are near your food, you could be at risk of picking up these diseases.

Mice can also cause damage to your home. They may gnaw on wood and could even chew on cords, causing electrical damage and even a fire. Mice are known for getting into cabinets and eating and ruining food. They eat mostly grains and cereals but will eat almost any human foods. If you see a hole chewed through a bag of flour, a box of cereal, or any other food, the culprit may be a mouse.

Getting Rid of Pests

What can you do when the weather turns cold and these pests come into your house to escape the winter? These pests can be a nuisance, they can be frightening, they can cause damage around your home, and they can carry diseases to your family. The best way to keep your house free of pests is to invest in year-round professional pest control services. Big Blue Bug Solutions provides long-term treatments to prevent or treat an infestation from any one of these fall pests.

Call today for an inspection and to learn more about what treatment will look like for your pest problem or prevention.