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Why Providence Homeowners Must Take Fall Pest Control Seriously


The holiday season is right around the corner – for humans and pets alike!

As it gets cooler here in Providence, many different kinds of pests begin to make their way into warmer, safer environments. This could mean your shed, garage, basement, and attic will be invaded by several destructive and/or dangerous Rhode Island pests. Some of the most common types of these creatures include: 

  • The aggravating, odorous stink bug that will clamor around your windows, doors, and sunny rooms. 
  • The long, narrow earwig will creep underneath newspapers, houseplants, carpets, and rugs to keep them nice and warm during their winter naps. 
  • Destructive, hungry silverfish that are ready to eat up your wallpaper and fabrics. 
  • The painful and venomous centipede that packs a punch you won’t soon forget. 

Some types of pests enter homes during the fall season and remain active throughout the entire period, generally during evening or nighttime hours. Other types arrive with the intent of overwintering within the walls until the climate is suitable for better growth and development. Some creatures will be in differing stages of semi-hibernation, or diapause states. Diapause is a bodily function that slows down the metabolism of a pest and prevents it from dying during the cold fall/winter months in Rhode Island. If left to their own devices, homeowners may be met with a not-so-pleasant spring surprise as pests awaken and begin to breed within the walls of their homes. 

Operation: Overwinter 

Fall season pest control is one of the most important steps a homeowner can take to keep themselves and their homes safe from creatures of all kinds. To do this:

  • Lower the humidity and moisture in your home. 
  • Keep your lawn free from decaying debris or un-stacked firewood. 
  • Seal potential entry points where bugs can get into your home. 

If you begin to notice signs such as: 

  • Bugs gathering around windows and doors 
  • Droppings and exoskeleton piles around the house 
  • One or two insects on the floor, wall, or ceiling ...

... you may be facing a serious pest invasion. If you think or know that any of the above signs are present in your home, call a reputable pest control service immediately. 

Big Blue Bug Solutions Wants to Help You 

Pest control is no joke, which is why homeowners should be prepared to protect their homes all season long. For advice or assistance in fall pest prevention and control, contact the experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions.

With our thorough inspections, protection, and termination plans in place, fall pests won’t stand a chance of breaking into your well-protected home. Interested in learning more? Call our office now to speak with a friendly professional about your pest control options. Don’t wait until it’s too late to prevent autumn insect invasions. Reach out to us today!