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Stomping Out Cockroaches in Your Worcester Home

an american cockroach crawling along a worcester massachusettes kitchen counter top early into the fall season

There are several common types of cockroaches in New England, including American, German, and Oriental. While they all have mutual habits, such as being nocturnal, they look different and behave a bit differently. All cockroaches spread bacteria and can provoke asthma and allergy attacks. As cockroaches scurry and hide, they can contaminate food sources and cause expensive food waste. While over-the-counter DIY sprays and traps can temporarily provide relief, the only way to stomp out all the cockroaches in your Worcester home is with the help of Big Blue Bug Solutions.

Three Common Cockroaches  

Despite their name, American Cockroaches are found all over the world. These are some of the largest cockroaches, reaching up to two inches in length. They are reddish-brown in color and often have yellow markings near their heads. These cockroaches are often referred to by “non-cockroach” names such as Palmetto Bugs or Water Bugs.

German Cockroaches are the most common cockroaches and are most often found in commercial facilities like restaurants and hospitals. They will enter homes as well and most often hide out in kitchens and bathrooms. These cockroaches are small at only about a half-inch long and are tan with dark brown stripes.

Often misidentified as a black beetle, the Oriental Cockroach is about one inch in length and shiny black in color. These roaches are found in the northern US only. They enter homes along pipes and sewers as they are fond of water. 

Food shortages or climate changes cause all these cockroaches to seek shelter indoors in search of food. They are all nocturnal and will be found scurrying around your kitchen or bathroom in search of food and water. They all emit a musty odor that can alert sensitive homeowners to an infestation.                          

How Cockroaches Get in Homes

Cockroaches can get into a home through cracks in the structure, around pipes, through utility openings, around outlets, and anywhere where there’s even a small hole. Cockroaches can also gain entry to your home through deliveries or other packages, such as groceries or boxes from warehouse stores. If you purchase used furniture or accept hand-me-downs, you may get an unexpected bonus of cockroaches.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

The only way to effectively get rid of cockroaches and prevent them in the future is with professional pest control. Big Blue Bug Solutions provides residential pest control solutions for Worcester homeowners. Contact us today to keep your family safe. Stomp out cockroaches in your home this fall.