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House Spiders are Unwanted House Guests in Worcester Homes

a common house spider hanging from its web as it dangles upside down in a worcester massachusettes home basement

While house spiders are relatively harmless, most of us don’t want to share our Worcester homes with them. House spiders are small and are common web-weaving spiders. Most of the time, their webs around our house are more annoying than the spiders themselves. However, having house spiders can be a sign that you have problems with other pests in your Worcester home. If you want to get rid of these unwanted house guests, Big Blue Bug Solutions has your answer.

House spiders get their name because they are commonly found inside homes. They are very small spiders, less than a ½ inch in size, with a rounded body for females and a flatter body for males. They have eight legs and eight eyes.

Are House Spiders Dangerous?

If provoked or accidentally encountered, such as if you grab one under your couch, house spiders can bite. Their bite is virtually painless and harmless, however, some people can have a reaction> If swelling or severe pain occurs, you should be seen by a doctor. 

House spiders can indicate the presence of other pests as they feed on small insects that get trapped in their webs. If there were no other pests (spider food) in the house, house spiders would likely stay outside, under eaves and around your shed or garage. Other pests may be more dangerous, so you want to keep your home pest-free.

How Can I Keep House Spiders Out?

The best way to keep house spiders out of your Worcester home is to keep it squeaky clean and sealed up. Examining the exterior of your home frequently for cracks, holes, torn screens, missing shingles or damaged siding, gaps under doors or around windows, and spaces around utility entries, and then fixing any problems you see, can help. Vacuuming webs and egg sacs and discarding them is helpful. Being careful with what you bring into your home from the outside is important too – such as examining wood from the woodpile, flower cuttings, or fall garden vegetables.

Why Should I Get Professional Help?

It’s nearly impossible to keep your home so sealed up that spiders and other pests never get in. However, with a year-round pest control plan from Big Blue Bug Solutions, you can live with peace of mind, knowing that your home is being monitored and treated for house spiders on a regular basis. Contact us today to keep unwanted house spiders and other pests out of your Worcester home.