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Worcester Homeowner's Guide To The Little-Known Oriental Cockroach


When it comes to bugs that you might see in a horror movie, Oriental cockroaches are at the top of the list. The black coloration of these cockroaches not only sets them apart from all other cockroaches that get into Worcester homes, but it makes them very scary to look at. If you're seeing these roaches and you have questions, we have some answers for you. Here is a quick guide to the Oriental cockroach.

Water Bugs

Perhaps the most important thing you can know about an Oriental cockroach is the fact that it is often called a water bug. Its attraction to water and moisture can give you important insight into what to expect from these cockroaches, and where you might find them hiding.

  • If you have dampness on your property or around the foundation perimeter of your home, you're going to attract Oriental cockroaches.
  • If you have a damp cellar or a crawl space under your home, these insects can become an issue.
  • If you live near an open sewer culvert or storm drain, you could have more trouble with Oriental cockroaches than homeowners who don't.
  • If your landscaping stays damp at night, you can increase Oriental cockroach activity around your home.

Other Attractants

Dampness, standing water, and high levels of humidity are not the only attractants for Oriental cockroaches. These bugs will be drawn to a yard that has food sources. But keep in mind that they don't just eat the foods we eat, and they aren't nearly as picky as we are when it comes to eating the foods we eat.

  • Oriental cockroaches eat rotting organic material and prefer to lay their eggs in gelatinous, rotten puddles of organic material, such as what you might find at the bottom of a dirty trash bin.
  • Oriental cockroaches are commonly found in drains, eating moist organic sludge and laying their eggs in the sludge.
  • Oriental cockroaches feed on animal waste. They will thrive in a yard that has dog droppings littered about.
  • Oriental cockroaches will consume a dead animal, even an animal that has been rotting for a while. They prefer eating the flesh after it has started to decay.
  • Illness

Since Oriental cockroaches are drawn to dirty locations and are known to feed on dirty things, it is no surprise that they present a serious health threat when they live close to humans. Here are some of the many ways they can make you sick:

  • Contact often produces a skin rash.
  • Shed materials can become airborne and are known to aggravate the symptoms of asthma.
  • Food contamination can introduce bacteria, such as Salmonella typhimurium, entamoeba histolytica, and more.
  • Proximity can lead to the spread of human pathogens such as poliomyelitis virus.
  • Contact with foods, dishes, and surfaces can lead to the spread of parasitic worms that are attached to the exoskeletons of the cockroaches. At least six parasitic worms have been found on cockroaches that have been collected in urban centers.

How Oriental Cockroaches Get Into Worcester Homes

Oriental cockroaches don't generally get into a home and stay. They will go in and out. Some of the ways they will enter are:

  • Gaps around plumbing pipes
  • Cracks in foundation walls
  • Gaps in the weatherstripping around exterior doors
  • Gaps under doors that are missing door sweeps
  • Gaps, cracks, and holes in window and door frames
  • Unprotected weep holes or exhaust ducts

What To Do When You See Oriental Cockroaches

If you find these dirty insects around your Worcester home, take quick action to prevent illness. Reach out to Big Blue Bug Solutions for cockroach control you can trust. We'll help you get those roaches out and keep them out.