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Where Did These Stink Bug In My Connecticut Home Come From?

stink bug in home

When you start seeing shield-shaped, mottled brown bugs crawling in your curtains, sticking to your walls, and watching you from your dining room light fixture, it can make you wonder, "Where did these stink bugs come from?" Well, there are several answers we could give. They originally came from Asia. Stink bugs are native to China, Japan, South Korea, and other Asian countries. The first appearance of stink bugs in the United States was Pennsylvania in 1998. Since that time, they have spread like wildfire and they have become common pests in Connecticut. Here are a few more ways you may ask the question, "Where did these stink bugs come from?"

"Where did stink bugs come from before they entered my yard?"

Before stink bugs were a pest for you, they were a pest for local farmers. Brown marmorated stink bugs present a serious threat to crops. The damage they cause to apple orchards alone costs Mid-Atlantic apple growers more than $37 million per year. They can pose a serious problem for anyone who grows trees with fruit or vegetable crops, particularly row crops.

As you can probably guess, they came from the outside. But, if you're wondering how or why they came in, here are some facts to consider:

Stink bugs congregate on the sun-warmed exterior walls of man-made structures when temperatures drop. They do this in the same way they would warm themselves on the sunny surface of a large rock.

As temperatures continue to drop, stink bugs look for cracks and holes to hide in. If they were on your home in the fall, they probably found a way to get inside.

Stink bugs can get into a home through a surprising number of potential entry points, such as gaps around pipes, windows, doors, and foundation penetrations. They climb in through gaps in weatherstripping and under doors that have no door sweeps. They get in through roofline holes and gaps around roof penetrations. They can even fly down a chimney that doesn't have a chimney cap or sealed damper.

"Why am I seeing stink bugs in my home in spring?"

This is usually what people want to know when they ask, "Where did these stink bugs come from?" In spring, it isn't likely that they came in from the outside. It is more likely that they were already inside your home and they accidentally emerged in your common areas, rather than finding a route to the outside. Those insects are not indoor pests. They want to get back outside where abundant food sources can be found.

"What can I do about these stink bugs?"

You can wait for them to die or leave on their own, or you can reach out to an experienced pest management professional to have them eliminated. Choosing to have this problem corrected with the help of a licensed pest professional is the best option because a professional can help you keep those insects from continuing to invade your home.

If you live in Connecticut, or somewhere else in our extensive New England service area, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions for control of stink bugs. We provide one-time elimination of stink bugs and ongoing residential pest control that can help keep stink bugs, cockroaches, ticks, fleas, ants, mice, rats, spiders, carpet beetles, and a lot of other harmful pests out of your home. We would love the opportunity to discuss your options and guide you toward a plan that is perfect for your specific needs and budget. Stink bugs are not the worst pests that can get into your Connecticut home. Get protected and stay protected with residential pest control from Big Blue.