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How Pests Get Into Your Worcester Pantry & How To Keep Them Out

a clean and pest free kitchen pantry inside of a worcester massachusettes home

Cooking is one of life’s greatest pleasures. You’ve got protein, vegetables, and spices going in a few pots and in a little while, you and your family will be enjoying another delicious homecooked meal. However, if you check the pantry, you may find something you’d really rather not have in there. Many pests can find their way into stored food and spoil the valuable non-perishables you have in stock.

From flour to other cooking materials to snacks, your pantry may not be safe from pests. And since winter is rapidly approaching the Worcester area, you have the additional problem of pests coming in from the cold. Don’t let pests ruin your meals and your peace of mind in your home; give Big Blue Bug Pest Solutions a call and we will come out quickly to diagnose and fix whatever pest problems you may have in your home.

Grain Beetles Are A Big Problem

The saw-toothed grain beetle is a significant hindrance to your home if a group of them finds their way inside. These pests commonly damage food products such as the grain their name comes from, but they can cause many more problems in your home, including getting around your house. Because of the large amount of food that is stored in the average pantry, saw-toothed grain beetles can cause a significant loss in food in your home, which will definitely increase your grocery bills.

An infestation of saw-toothed grain beetles can start small, but when around ample sources of food such as flour and other non-perishable items, this infestation can quickly spiral out of control and threaten your well-being when these bugs get to other parts of your home. For instance, the moisture that these bugs bring increases your risk of having mold damage in other parts of your home. Getting rid of saw-toothed grain beetles that can damage your food and annoy you in the rest of your house is simple. All it takes is a call to Big Blue Bug Pest Solutions, Worcester’s most qualified experts in pest control and prevention. If you have an annoyance in your home you’d rather not have there, you can count on us to provide the best solutions to you.

Indian Meal Moths Are Not Your Friends

There is also the Indian meal moth, another pest that attacks your pantry. These moths have copper-colored wings and a gray body with a wingspan just over half an inch. These moths are so named because they like to feast on cornmeal, but they will find a meal in just about anything you have in your pantry. They will feed on cereals, flour, other corn products, and even the snacks that you have saved in your pantry. These pests also produce a considerable amount of larvae which can quickly spread out of your pantry and start messing up your life elsewhere in your house. In many cases, this pest is introduced to your home through the food you buy at the grocery store, so it is important that you check your boxes and containers for small holes and the presence of larvae before bringing it home. In addition, you should keep food spills, even for non-perishables, cleaned up promptly to prevent either of these pests from coming into your home and finding a nice supply of food.

If these preventative tips are not enough for keeping these pests out of your home, you should certainly get in contact with Big Blue Bug Pest Solutions. We are a leader in the fight against pests in the state of Massachusetts and our expertise is unrivaled by any other pest control company in the area. One call to us will rid your home of pests for good.