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How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants On Your Worcester Property

a carpenter ant in front of a home

A carpenter ant is not the helper that its name tends to imply. Instead, these pests use their natural abilities to unleash destruction upon unsuspecting New England homeowners. Seeking how to get rid of carpenter ants on your Worcester property? Deterrence can help, but the best course of action to eliminate carpenter ants in Massachusetts is reaching out to our experienced Big Blue Bug Solutions team members. 

This type of pest is small. Workers may grow up to 5/8 inch while queen ants may grow nearly an inch long. Just because they are little doesn’t mean they can’t inflict massive amounts of damage. This ant doesn’t come alone; he brings many, many friends.

The carpenter ant may exhibit various colors or combinations: red, reddish-brown, brown, and black. New England residents may be able to distinguish this type of ant from other ants mainly by size. The head of a carpenter ant tends to be shaped like a heart, unlike most other kinds of ants that feature round-shaped heads.

Carpenter Ants & The Problems They Cause

Dealing with this type of pest is more than merely annoying, as carpenter ants can cause widespread trouble. These ants can inflict painful bites with strong jaws, then add formic acid to the wound to make it hurt even worse. Carpenter ants can contaminate food stored in the home; favorite choices are pet food, jam, syrup, honey, jelly, and meat.

As their name suggests, these ants know their way around a woodpile. These insects create tunnels inside the wood to make space for their nests. While sometimes content to stay outside, making nests in stumps and stored firewood, if a large enough population of carpenter ants enter a home, they can weaken the entire structure if left undisturbed for a long enough period.

Preventing Carpenter Ants In Worcester

How to get rid of carpenter ants on your Worcester property can begin by simply preventing them in the first place. Take a few proactive steps to stand up to these destructive devils:

  • Address Moisture: Carpenter ants are slaves to water, so make a great head start by eliminating excess moisture throughout the property. Dump any standing water and ensure there are no leaks to entice these pests.
  • Clean Up After Food: This type of bug doesn’t eat wood; nutrition is found elsewhere; don’t let it be in the house. Wipe up spills and disinfect kitchen countertops. Keep sweet substances like marmalades and syrups in the refrigerator to minimize risk. Frequently empty household garbage into an outside receptacle with a lid that shuts tightly. 
  • Don’t Forget The Exterior: Firewood should be stored at least 20 feet from any onsite structure but ideally should be as far away as possible. Have any existing tree stumps completely removed. Trim back any branches that may hang over or are close to the dwelling so ants may not use them to crawl and gain access. Cut any limbs that touch power lines to block another entrance.
  • Make Necessary Repairs. Carpenter ants can enter a home through moist or rotting wood, so promptly replace, repair, and restore as necessary to deter an invasion.

Send Carpenter Ants Packing

The best tip regarding how to get rid of carpenter ants on your Worcester property is to contact the professionals at the very first sign of a problem. Big Blue Bug Solutions is so effective at handling these pests we offer a one-year carpenter ant warranty with our treatment. This warranty can be renewed every 12 months and is transferable to new owners should the house be sold.