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What Smells Do Bed Bugs In Worcester Hate?

a woman inspecting a bed for bed bugs

If the thought of bed bugs causes concern, there is good reason for such apprehension. These pests can make it into even the cleanest of New England homes. Before seeking professional help, Massachusetts homeowners may even ask, “What smells do bed bugs in Worcester hate?” Some scents could help deter these pests, but contacting our helpful technicians at Big Blue Bug Solutions is the guaranteed control method.

The Possibility Of Preventing Bed Bugs

Can bed bugs be prevented? The answer to this question, while technically yes, comes with many ifs. If nobody would travel, if nobody would sit down in unfamiliar surroundings, if nobody would buy used upholstered furniture, and the list continues. These bugs are highly mobile and can withstand arduous trips, so long-term prevention can prove ridiculously difficult.

Bed bugs cause such an uproar that many Worcester residents have begun researching all types of deterrent methods. One of the more popular pesticide-free approaches involves using essential oils, not just for bed bugs but for all kinds of pests. If these natural substances achieve the desired results for keeping bed bugs at bay, it won’t hurt to try them.  

Scents That May Deter Bed Bugs In Worcester

Want to know what smells bed bugs in Worcester hate? So did the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)! This organization conducted a study to determine the effectiveness specific oils have in deterring bed bugs. Several essential oils were tested, but the results showed only four that proved relatively effective against this pest. Blood orange oil, spearmint oil, paraffin oil, and silicone oil were the clear champs in this analysis.

Controlling Bed Bugs With Proven Methods

When valuing time, effort, cost of materials, and overall effectiveness, it behooves Massachusetts homeowners to fight bed bugs with methods that can work. While not as comprehensive as a professional strategy that Big Blue Bug Solutions can provide, the following ways may be beneficial towards managing bed bugs:

  • Apply Heat: Select items that have been compromised and any other items located next to them. Dry the load at a high heat setting (optimally at 140 degrees) for at least 30 minutes. Bed bugs cannot survive in extreme temperatures for extended periods.
  • Freeze: Again, this method can work for smaller items that easily fit inside a residential freezer. Place items into plastic bags that can be sealed shut, seal the bags tightly, and put the bags into the freezer. Ensure freezer temperature is set to zero degrees; do not remove bags for at least 96 hours.
  • Inspect: Whenever going out, be vigilant when checking for bed bugs. Even seemingly benign places are favorite hangouts of this pest: theaters, libraries, airplanes, schools, and senior living facilities. Frequent travelers should employ a strategy upon coming home to kill any hitchhikers and opt for hard-sided luggage instead of upholstered.

Don’t Go It Alone - Pick Up The Phone

Investigating what smells bed bugs in Worcester hate is not bad when seeking to solve a bed bug infestation. Unfortunately, there is much more that encompasses a total solution to these nasty pests. Trying to accomplish this task solo can often be an exercise in futility.

Contact our knowledgeable technicians at Big Blue Bug Solutions for professionals who know how to identify these pests and implement the proper treatment for bed bug problems.