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How To Keep Hornets & Wasps Away From Your Worcester Property
wasp on a fence

The first question that most people ask is “Am I dealing with a wasp or a hornet?” The answer isn’t an easy one. The average person can’t tell the difference between the two. The classifications are broad and varied, but for the layperson, ultra-aggressive behavior is the clue. They are in the same family and share the same traits, behaviors, and characteristics, for the most part, anyway.

What Is A Wasp/Hornet?

There are two classifications of wasp. Social and solitary. The social live in colonies of hundreds, and the solitary live in underground nests. Both types of wasp fly and seek out food that they bring back to the nest to feed the young. They are omnivores, just like people. This is why they are always after your food. They will become aggressive if attacked, or if you have something they want. Either way, they have a nasty sting.

Hornets are a subclass of wasps, having all the same traits. Where they differ is that hornets are much more aggressive, and will attack without provocation. Towards the end of the summer, adult males have done their duty, and are left without direction. They tend to wander far from the nest in search of food. There have been reports of them feeding on rotting fermenting dropped fruit, and becoming drunk.

Let’s not forget the yellowjacket. The enemy of every BBQ. They are technically a wasp, but kind of stand-alone, somewhere between a wasp and hornet. They are not shy, and are very driven when it comes to your hamburger. These guys love meat! Keeping them away is next to impossible. This is where Big Blue Bug Solutions can help.

Landscaping Tips That Will Deter Wasps And Hornets

  • Fruit trees - Dropped off, rotting fruit is a big attractor. You should keep the dropped fruit picked up. Use caution when collecting fruit, however, as many people are stung as they reach for the fruit. Try using an extension grabber, so you can maintain a safe distance.
  • Grow plants that naturally repel the hornet such as mint, thyme, or lemongrass. Wasps really hate eucalyptus. So, maybe even an arrangement on your deck or patio, and the wreath on your front door. Don’t forget about essential oils.

What Else Can I Do To Keep Them Away?

Anything that you can do to keep them away is a plus. Give these tips a try.

  • Garbage cans without secure lids will be a draw, also try to store them away from the house if you can.
  • Check for sources of stagnant water, removing these water sources will help with many insect issues.
  • They are attracted to sweet smells, both natural and unnatural. So, your expensive perfume may be drawing the hornets to you.
  • You can also build your own fake nest. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t.

Hopefully, these tips will help keep them away. It’s not easy when they are attracted to the same things that we like. We have no plans to give up BBQ, sweet drinks, and nice perfume. So where does that leave us? 

For Safe Removal Of Nests

This is not a problem you should attempt to handle on your own. A botched hive removal could cause serious injury. Big Blue Bug Solutions can eradicate the hive without putting your family in jeopardy. Call us today for an inspection, we will gladly help you regain your Worcester backyard, and become King of the BBQ once more. We’ll take care of all of your hornet and wasp control needs in no time.