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How To Keep Skunks Away From Your Connecticut Property

skunk on grass

Skunks might look cute from a distance, but they are never an animal you want to encounter up close and personal. These mammals are known for the extremely stinky spray they emit, and this "skunk musk," as it's called, can be overpowering and nearly impossible to remove. If sprayed, you'll end up washing out the smell for days.

However, while most people know that skunks are not fun to deal with, many questions surround them. For one thing, it's easy to assume that skunks are rodents, but they are not and are instead more closely related to polecats and weasels.

Secondly, many people aren't aware that skunks can cause many issues for property owners, including both health risks and property damage. To help you deal with skunks around your Connecticut property, we've put together a guide to their appearance and how to prevent them.

What Do Skunks Look Like?

Skunks are usually black with white stripes on their tails, but they can also have a more gray or brown base coloring. Also, there are a variety of white markings and striped patterns they can have. Skunks have long bodies and rather long, bushy tails. Their faces are narrow, and they can be around 15-30 inches long, depending on the species.

What Problems Do Skunks Cause?

While getting sprayed by a skunk is disgusting, more risks are associated with this substance than the smell. The musk is created in glands under their tails, and, while usually rather harmless, some people can be quite allergic to it.

Also, skunks can put your health at risk because they are known to spread diseases and carry rabies. And, if that wasn't enough of a concern, they can be carriers of ticks and other parasitic insects, and these ticks can also spread diseases such as Lyme disease.

Lastly, skunks can also cause some amount of property damage, especially to plants and gardens. They are omnivores that use their claws to dig up insects, and they can damage your yard as they search for food.

Ways To Prevent Skunks

Because skunks can create issues around your home or business, it's a good idea to take steps to prevent them. Overall, you should focus on removing or reducing the factors that attract them, and many of these steps can also deter other wildlife species.

Here are some of the most effective skunk prevention measures:

  • Store pet food indoors and in airtight containers.
  • Keep all garbage cans, especially outdoor ones, covered with secure lids.
  • Ensure skunks can't get inside by covering window wells and patching up holes under decks or porches.
  • Install fences that make it more difficult for skunks and other wildlife to get onto your property.
  • Remove wood and rock piles from your yard as skunks will often build their dens in these areas. 
  • Keep the kitchen area cleaned to reduce rodents and insects that can attract skunks.

The Best Way To Keep Skunks Away

While it is useful to do what you can to prevent skunks and other wildlife, the overall safest and most effective way to deal with these mammals is with the assistance of Big Blue Bug Solutions.

Our technicians provide ongoing commercial and residential wildlife control plans that will keep skunks and other difficult species away, and we can also remove any current infestations. Just call us today to request your quote.