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Effective Skunk Control: Removing And Preventing Skunks Around Your Connecticut Home

skunk walking in yard

If there is one pest that makes its presence known, it is the skunk. Having these animals around your home can become unpleasant in no time, and if they choose to nest nearby, they are a risk to your pets and family. This guide will help you determine how to get rid of these stinky neighbors and keep them away.

We’ll start by describing the signs of skunk activity and review the health and safety risks they create. We’ll also provide practical prevention measures you can use to keep skunks away. Continue reading to learn how to achieve successful pest control in Connecticut with the pros from Big Blue Bug Solutions.

Skunk Invasions: How To Identify Signs Of Skunk Activity

Learning the signs of skunk activity can help you catch a potential invasion sooner, hopefully before your family or pet finds out the hard way by getting a spray.

Here are some signs to watch for around your property:

  • Tracks: Skunks have five toes on the front and back, looking like a miniature version of bear tracks.
  • Droppings: They look similar to cat waste, are usually tubular with blunt ends, and might contain undigested food like insects, seeds, and berries.
  • Foraging signs: Skunks will raid chicken coops for eggs, dig through garbage, and help themselves to your garden.
  • Burrows: You might notice holes under outbuildings, decks, or concrete slabs.

Of course, the most apparent sign of skunks is the odor of the spray they use to defend themselves. If this scent appears more than once in a short period, you likely have an infestation. Contact us today at Big Blue Bug Solutions for assistance with wildlife control services in Connecticut.

The Dangers Of Skunk Encounters: Health And Safety Risks To Consider

Skunks in Connecticut are relatively docile animals until they sense a threat, such as a curious child or pet or an adult attempting to trap them. These wild animals will warn you if you get too close by stomping their feet and hissing, and then they will spray their odorous defense. The spray can cause stinging in the eyes, temporary blindness, and nausea.

Skunks are also a source of rabies, so we suggest never approaching or trying to catch one on your own. A bite or even a small scratch is enough to require rabies shots. Contact us today at Big Blue Bug Solutions for assistance controlling nuisance skunks on your property.

Skunk Deterrence Tactics: Preventive Measures To Keep Skunks Away

Prevention is the key to skunk pest control. The following list includes practical tips you can start using right away to deter these smelly pests:

  • Feed your pets indoors if possible.
  • Store any pet food or bird seed in pest-proof containers.
  • Install fencing around your property and bury hardware cloth at least one foot below and a foot and a half out to avoid them digging under the fence.
  • Store garbage in receptacles with secure lids to prevent foraging.
  • Work with a pest control company to eliminate prey that attracts skunks, like crickets, small rodents, bees, wasps, and beetles.

Big Blue Bug Solutions can assist you with skunk removal and eliminating any pests that might attract them. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

Professional Skunk Control Services: The Advantages Of Expertise

Professional skunk control services ensure the safety of your family and pets. Big Blue Bug Solutions is here to help you safely and humanely remove these nuisance pests from your property.

Contact us today to schedule your free inspection and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Connecticut.