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Is It Dangerous To Have Fleas In My Worcester Home?

A cat scratching at fleas.

Whether you have a dog or a cat, you're likely in love with your furry friend. However, with pets comes the risk of a flea infestation. Even if you don't have pets, wildlife in your yard or a friend's pet could still inadvertently introduce fleas into your Worcester home. 

Fleas are a parasite with a penchant for spreading diseases. These pests are notorious for a reason. Their saliva can trigger massive skin irritation, causing your pet and you to itch incessantly. Fleas typically hitchhike to your home on the back of a pet. After they've caused sufficient harm to your pet, they can move to a human host.

Fleas Are Athletic Pests

Fleas possess the ability to jump impressive distances. A flea, albeit small, can jump 12 inches. These pests hide beneath your pet's fur. Most people are oblivious to a flea infestation until it becomes a significant concern.   However, you can still spot the signs of an infestation. If you're lucky, you'll witness a flea catapulting itself from under your dog or cat's fur. To detect a flea infestation, you'll need to know what a flea looks like. 

A Description Of Fleas 

Adult fleas measure at around 1/8 of an inch in length. They're microscopic, which allows them to latch onto you or your pet, all while remaining unseen. Their back legs are disproportionately large compared to their front legs. On the other hand, if you only catch a cursory glimpse of these pests, you can still depend on other signs. 

Signs Of A Flea Infestation In Your Worcester Home

While fleas are tiny, they leave many signs of their presence. With an understanding of fleas, you can spot some of these signs. Here are a few signs you're dealing with a flea infestation:

  • Fleas lay oval-shaped eggs. These eggs hatch into larvae in a few days and slowly form into adults; thus, the army grows. You may see these oval-shaped eggs around your home or under your pet's fur. 
  • Along the same lines, you may witness flea larvae writhing under your pet's fur. These larvae consume the dried blood left behind by adults until they form a cocoon. 
  • Fleas leave behind dried blood that resembles dirt. If you know what you're looking at, you should see this "flea dirt" beneath your pet's fur. A bit of water will transmute this dark blood from brown and eventually back to red. 

What Attracts Fleas To My Home?

Fleas typically latch onto an animal. From there, they fortuitously hitchhike into your home on the back of a pet. Though, they can just as easily dine on your flesh if you have a pet with fleas. Fleas can induce skin irritation or even allergic reactions. They also spread many different illnesses. 

Diseases And Other Illnesses Fleas Spread

Fleas spread myriad illnesses. As the name suggests, Flea-borne (murine) typhus is transmitted through cat fleas. Moreover, the plague is most associated with rats. Contrary to popular belief, fleas transmit the plague more often than rats. Cat scratch disease is also commonly transmitted by fleas. These are just a few of the diseases fleas can spread. 

In addition to spreading diseases, flea-borne parasites like tapeworms can infect humans. Tapeworms are frequently undiagnosed. Flea-borne tapeworm infections occur most often in children. Lastly, flea bits can lead to a severe allergic reaction in some people. If you believe you're suffering from an allergic reaction caused by fleas, you should seek immediate medical attention. 

How To Prevent A Flea Infestation In My Worcester Home

There are several ways to block fleas from entering your home. Try the following tips to prevent a flea infestation:

  • Limit your pet's time spent outdoors or use a flea or tick prevention method recommended by your veterinarian.
  • Regularly clean your pet's bedding. 
  • Regularly inspect your pet's skin to check for fleas.
  • Vacuum your carpet to kill any hitchhikers. Throw away the vacuum cleaner bag when you're done. 
  • Bathe your pet every week. 

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