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How Powderost Beetle Infestations Start On Worcester Properties

A piece of wood damaged by powderpost beetles.

Powderpost beetles derive their name from the flour-like powder that surrounds the wood they damage. These beetles establish residence in your wood, creating various small holes in the process. Perforated wood is a hallmark sign of a powderpost beetle infestation in your Worcester building. Big Blue Bug Solutions can help you identify and prevent an infestation. If your wood has been damaged by a powderpost beetle infestation, you should seek professional assistance. From there, you can work—along with the aid of a professional—to prevent future infestations.

A Powderpost Beetle Lifecycle And Description

Powderpost beetles have a cylindrical shape. These insects range from black to brown, and their larvae are cream-colored. Outside the home, some species can measure 2 or more inches in length. But most invading powderpost beetles are much smaller. Powderpost beetles with a propensity for invading homes are 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch long.

Female powderpost beetles lay eggs in wood pores. Larvae emerge from these eggs. These larvae industriously burrow through wood. After a short pupal stage, they form into beetles. Outside, most species run through this evolution in a year's time. Inside, powderpost beetles take years to evolve from larvae to beetle.

Damage Inflicted By Powderpost Beetles

Powderpost beetles can inflict structural damage on your Worcester home. Some species prefer softwoods, while others prefer hardwoods. Unfinished wood receives more attention from powderpost beetles. Powderpost beetle damage is typified by perforated wood. If you see a collection of small holes in your unfinished wood, powderpost beetles could be responsible. These insects damage crown molding, wood paneling, doors, windowsills, plywood, hardwood floors, and wooden furniture.

Signs You Have A Powderpost Beetle Infestation In Your Worcester Home

Obviously, you must identify the presence of powderpost beetles before you can exterminate them. Powderpost beetles leave behind signs of their presence. If you can detect these signs, you can control powderpost beetles before their numbers burgeon. Here are a few signs you're dealing with a powderpost beetle infestation:

  • Powderpost beetles defecate frass that resembles sawdust. Powderpost beetle frass can be found near unfinished wood. 
  • You may see exit holes in the wood. Perforated wood is a clear sign of powderpost beetle damage. Like the beetle itself, these holes are tiny. One hole measures no more than the width of a pencil.
  • Most notably, powderpost beetles derive their name from the powder that surrounds the wood they damage. This powder is redolent of flour. 

Preventing A Powderpost Beetle Infestation In Your Worcester Home

Now that you know a bit about identifying an infestation, you can move toward preventing the growth of an infestation. Here are a few tips to help you avoid a powderpost beetle infestation:

  • Powderpost beetles infest unfinished wood. Thus, you should apply a fresh coat of paint or wood finishing products to your unfinished wood. This could help protect your wood against a powderpost beetle infestation.
  • Sealing previously infested holes can prevent reinfestation. After a pest control expert controls an infestation, you should cover the holes around damaged wood.

Call Big Blue Bug Solutions! 

Powderpost beetles can cause structural damage to your Worcester home. Even if your home is not primarily composed of wood, you're still not safe from a powderpost beetle infestation. Powderpost beetles can infest furniture, door frames, and windowsills. Besides the threat of structural damage to your home, powderpost beetles negatively affect your home's aesthetic appeal. To control an infestation, we urge you to seek professional assistance. If powderpost beetles have infested your home, call us at Big Blue Bug Solutions. We offer control and preventative treatment. Reach out to Big Blue Bug Solutions to learn more about our powderpost beetle control options!