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What To Do About Pharaoh Ants Around Your Worcester Property

crawling pharaoh ants

Most ants you’ll find in your Worcester home are just a nuisance. However, a few species in our area can pose threats more serious than ruining the appearance of your countertop. Pharaoh ants are one such species. These invasive ants don't do well in the cold and have no choice but to live near humans when the temperature drops. Pharaoh ants in Worcester are especially dependent on human habitations, meaning your Worcester pest control plan must have a solid defense against them.

Continue reading to learn the dangers this ant species can pose and how Big Blue Bug Solutions can help keep these ants away from your home.

What Is A Pharaoh Ant?

Pharaoh ants are tiny, almost transparent ants and are typically light brown to yellow. They get their name from the mistaken belief that they were one of the ten plagues of Egypt. While it’s believed these ants originated in Africa, they are likely from tropical regions further south of Egypt.

These ants have made themselves a modern-day plague by using human shipping routes to spread themselves all over the world. Because they’re from a warmer climate, Pharaoh ants struggle to get through the winters of Massachusetts. That means you may see an uptick of Pharaoh ants near your property during the fall as these insects seek shelter from the coming cold.

Like most ant species, Pharaoh ants will eat anything in a pinch. However, if you see Pharaoh ants in your home, they’re probably munching on something high in sugar. These ants have a real sweet tooth and love honey, candy, cookies, and fruit. It is best to avoid leaving fruit baskets or cookie jars sitting out if you suspect these ants are in your home. 

Pharaoh ants can sniff out sweets from afar and leave pheromone trails that lead other ants to the source of the smell. For this reason, masking the scent of sugary foods is often a start when getting rid of pharaoh ants. Storing your pantry foods in tightly covered containers and ensuring you keep lids on your garbage can also prevent these ants from scavenging in your home.

Are Pharaoh Ants Dangerous?

Yes, Pharaoh ants are dangerous. This species spreads all kinds of diseases, such as salmonella, staph, and strep. Furthermore, Pharaoh ants are menaces to medical facilities because they love to infest IV lines and open wounds. These factors make effective ant control crucial for businesses and homes sheltering vulnerable people or patients with sores and wounds. All in all, encountering these ants puts you at risk of catching infections that cause harsh symptoms, making a potential infestation a substantial ordeal.

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Pharaoh Ants?

It is tricky to solve a Pharaoh ant problem without help. Over-the-counter ant control solutions often fail against Pharaoh ants. This species can create colonies with up to 200 breeding queens at one time. That means even if you manage to kill off a few queens, your chances of getting them all are slim. 

If you already have a Pharaoh ant infestation, you’ll need the best in the Worcester pest control business to help you eliminate it. The good news is the experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions are just a click or call away. Our specialists can get rid of every ant nest on your property and keep these disease-spreading pests gone for good. Moreover, our home pest control treatments are safe and pose no harm to children or pets. Call or reach out online to schedule your inspection today.