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Pest Spotlight: Tackling A Silverfish Infestation In Milford

close up of silverfish on green w

If you’ve ever seen a silverfish, you know exactly why they have their name. They have a very fish-like shape and silvery, metallic appearance. They are also known as bristletails because they have three long bristle-like appendages on the rear of their bodies that give them the appearance of having a tail.

Silverfish are an athletic pest. They can run very fast and are capable of climbing the outside of homes and other buildings to gain access. They are also hardy pests that can survive without food or water for weeks at a time. Learn more about these potentially problematic pests, how to prevent them, and what professional pest control in Milford can do to keep your property silverfish-free.

Could I Be Attracting Silverfish On Accident?

Like many pests, silverfish come inside in search of food, water, and shelter. Unknowingly, you may be providing this for silverfish and attracting them to your home. Some conditions within your home that may attract silverfish include:

  • Leaky pipes or drains that don’t function properly
  • Areas of wet, moldy wood
  • Areas of high moisture and not using a dehumidifier
  • Keeping books, magazines, or other paper products in areas where silverfish are common
  • Leaving food items like flour and sugar easily accessible in open containers

If you are doing any of these things in your home, you may be inviting silverfish in by accident. If you don’t know why you have silverfish, call us and let one of our trained exterminators inspect your home. We can help you identify conditions that may attract silverfish.

Are Silverfish Able To See In The Dark?

Silverfish are nocturnal. They prefer to come out at night and search for food in the dark. To say they have “night vision” is a stretch, but they have specially evolved compound eyes. These eyes are sensitive to light, allowing them to see in dark conditions. Their antennas are also sensitive. These sensitive antennas allow silverfish to feel their way along in dark situations, so they can successfully hunt at night.

Are Silverfish Harmful To My Family Or My Possessions?

The good news about silverfish is that they don’t threaten humans. They don’t bite or sting and prefer to spend their time in dark corners of unused rooms like basements and attics, so interaction with humans isn’t frequent, and silverfish aren't dangerous.

The biggest issue caused by silverfish is the damage they can cause. Silverfish feed on paper items, glue, clothing, and food items like flour or rolled oats. If silverfish find their way into your home, they can be very destructive to family heirlooms like photo albums, letters, old yearbooks, and other sentimental items. They also eat fabric and can be damaging to your clothing.

Professional Silverfish Control For Milford Residents

While silverfish in Milford aren’t dangerous, they can be damaging. Either way, you don’t want these creepy-looking pests taking over your home. If you are facing a silverfish infestation, call us today. Silverfish are a tricky pest to eliminate on your own because of how well they hide.

Instead of wasting time trying to handle a silverfish problem yourself, let our trained technicians implement a home pest control plan to keep you protected. We can quickly eliminate any silverfish in your home and keep your belongings protected. 

Professional silverfish control is the best way to keep these pests out of your home. Our home pest control plans will permanently keep silverfish and other common Milford pests out of your home.

Call us today and let us get started with a pest control plan to protect your home and family.