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The Best Way To Keep The Squirrels In Milford At Bay

squirrel on the side of the house

Squirrels are just one of the many rodents that cause people to call for professional pest control in Milford. They are plentiful here, and without intervention, they can cause some serious damage to your property, as well as spread harmful diseases to you, your family, and your pets. Read on to learn more about preventing squirrel damage and how Big Blue Bug Solutions can help you control the squirrels on your property today.

Where Squirrels Like To Hide On Your Property

If you want to control squirrels on your Milford property, you first have to know where they are hiding. They can be almost anywhere; however, there are a few spots they’re more likely to frequent, including:

  • Sheds and barns: Squirrels will hide in your shed or barn if they find it is a safe place to sleep and reproduce.
  • Inside trees: If you have a lot of trees on your property, this is another place they are likely to be found hiding.
  • Inside wood piles: New England winters are rough, and so many of us have giant wood piles in our yards. Unfortunately, this is a great hiding spot for squirrels and other rodents.

No matter where they’re hiding, the professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions have the skills and tools needed to flush them out and properly remove them from your property once and for all. If you aren’t sure where they’re coming from, give us a call for help today.

Deterring Squirrels In Your Attic Easily 

Proper squirrel pest control starts with prevention. If you want to keep the squirrels from graduating from your wood piles and trees into your home, consider implementing these prevention tips today:

  • Seal up holes: The first step is to go around your house and locate any holes you find.  Then, seal them up, no matter how small, as squirrels are capable of squeezing through surprisingly tiny holes.
  • Fix vents: Another way into homes that squirrels frequently use is through busted vent coverings. Install vent coverings that are made of stronger material and fix any existing vent covers that are broken.
  • Move bird feeders away from your house: Another important step is to move your bird feeders further away from your home. By keeping food sources like bird feeders further away from your house, you will keep the squirrels away as well.

The team at Big Blue Bug Solutions will work with you to implement proven prevention strategies that are customized to fit your home’s needs. Keeping the squirrels out doesn’t have to be difficult; let us help today!

Getting Rid Of Squirrels In Your Small Crawl Spaces

If there are already squirrels in your small crawl spaces, we recommend that you don’t try to remove them yourself. Squirrels are vectors for many dangerous diseases, and can even pass illnesses on to your pets as well. If there are squirrels in your home, give the professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions a call for backup. Our technicians are highly trained to safely get rid of squirrels in a way that ensures no one is hurt or gets sick.

Total Wildlife Control For Milford Homes

Whether it’s squirrels or other wildlife, the team at Big Blue Bug Solutions has the tools needed to take care of the problem. In addition, we continuously train our technicians and keep them updated on the latest methods to keep your home protected. We have been keeping Milford homes free from wildlife since 1935, and we are confident in our ability to ensure your home stays pest-free year-round. Give us a call for help today!