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Midnight Bandits: How To Keep Milford Raccoons Away

raccoon hiding behind a tree

If you love cats and dogs, there is a chance that you also like raccoons, or at least their appearance. Although these furry night dwellers seem like they could be good pets, they regularly show their true colors when they invade properties here in Milford. If you have been noticing raccoons around your Milford yard and want to learn more about these pests, here are some things to consider. To quickly address raccoons that are living on your property, call our team at Big Blue Bug Solutions. We will perform a thorough inspection and offer some options to handle your wildlife problems. 

Finding Raccoons On Your Property

When did you start to notice raccoons on your Milford property? Within the past week? Over a month ago? A year or more? We ask this because it helps us determine why these pests are on your property. Raccoons are drawn to properties because of accessible food and places to find shelter. The more opportunities these wildlife pests have to stay well-fed and stay out of the elements on your property, the more likely you will be to have trouble. Unprotected trash bins and clutter are two things that are quick to attract unwanted wildlife such as raccoons. 

What To Do When You've Spotted Raccoons

Spotting a wild animal on your property is never a good sign. Seeing a raccoon, in particular, often means trouble. These night bandits love to get into trash cans and break into outbuildings, and they regularly use their opposable thumbs to tamper with other things around area properties. Like other wildlife in our area, raccoons are vectors for harmful diseases. One disease you may have heard of is rabies. If you see any wild creature on your property acting strangely, avoid it as it might be rabid. Raccoons are also known for carrying fleas and ticks onto properties. These small parasitic bugs can get onto your outdoor pets or crawl in through gaps and cracks in your home’s exterior. They are both known for spreading harmful diseases and are difficult to eliminate when they get indoors.

Five Simple Raccoon Control Tips

If you don’t like having raccoons on your property, we recommend putting in place some DIY raccoon control tips and tricks. Here are five prevention strategies we recommend you implement to keep these pests at bay.

  • Make sure all of your outbuildings are protected and have quality doors and windows.
  • Repair damage around your home’s exterior that might allow raccoons to get indoors.
  • Install wire mesh, fencing, and other protective measures to keep raccoons from crawling under your porch and home.
  • Make sure your trash cans have tight-fitting, raccoon-proof lids.
  • Keep your yard clean and do not feed your pets outdoors.

For even more protection from raccoons, consider investing in wildlife control courtesy of Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our year-round plans are designed for homeowners like you and are effective in addressing wild creatures that invade area yards.

Professional Raccoon Control The Simple Way!

Professional nuisance wildlife removal is simple when you have a professional on your side. At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we offer a range of pest control options to help homeowners in our area fight back against invaders like raccoons. Whether you hear these bandits at night or you suspect they are living inside or under one of your outbuildings, we have your solution here.

Call now if you have questions about local wildlife removal or if you'd like to schedule your home and property for a service visit. Let us show you why Big Blue Bug Solutions is your best option for pest control in Milford.