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Should I Be Worried About A Pavement Ant Infestation On My Worcester Property?
crawling ants

Ants are a pest species found in every state, in urban and rural settings, and may show up in any home. They are found in the best neighborhoods as well as in factories or storage facilities. One of the most popular misconceptions about the presence of ants is that ants only enter unclean homes.

Ants in Worcester enter homes looking for food sources, water, and shelter. They are not malicious but can be very hard to eliminate after infesting a structure. Worcester pest control services from Big Blue Bug Solutions can provide ant pest control that focuses on prevention and removal methods.

To successfully keep your property safe from any damage or invasions, you must learn more about these insects to understand why they chose your home and what the most effective removal methods are.

Easy-To-Spot Signs Of Pavement Ants

The majority of people know very little about ants. We all know that ants contaminate food and surfaces and that some ants will bite. Educating yourself on ant species will allow you to understand what you need to do to remove the insects and whether specific types of ants pose any health concerns.

Pavement ants in Worcester can live outdoors or move in and live inside your home. The most surefire signs of these ants are trails of the tiny insects moving from a source of food and water back to the nest they have established.

Pavement ants leave few other clues to their presence. They are silent so they do not bother us while we are sleeping, and they are odorless so we do not smell them. When a homeowner notices them, the insects usually have infested the property already. You must take immediate action when you see these ants because their numbers will increase quickly.

Are Pavement Ants Harmful?

These insects do not pose a threat to your health or safety, but they do contaminate surfaces and potentially your food. The best way to determine whether pavement ants should be considered harmful to your home and family is to learn more about their behaviors and characteristics.

Some things to know about pavement ants:

  • The insects are usually no larger than 1/8 of an inch.
  • They have voracious appetites and are not picky.
  • They may be brown or black.
  • They can travel up to 30 feet searching for food.

Pavement ants in your basement can do property damage. They nest in insulation and walls and will eat almost anything they find.

How To Keep Pavement Ant From Returning To Your Property

One of the most frequently asked questions about ants is, "Once you remove the ants, how do you stop others from coming?" This is a valid question. These effective ant control tips can help you keep them from coming back:

  • Fix any leaks to reduce water sources.
  • Store all food in airtight containers.
  • Seal any cracks around doors and windows.
  • Do not stack firewood close to your home.
  • Trim back tree branches and vegetation.

Pavement ants will search for food and water, but when you take the time to make it difficult for them to get inside your home, they will go somewhere that is easier. These prevention methods do not guarantee ant-free living forever, but they do guarantee that you will have less ant contact.

The Best Option For Ant Control In Worcester

If you have pavement ants, or any other type of ant infiltrating your home, you have to get them removed in a method that is effective and safe for your family and pets. DIY methods using essential oils or vinegar solutions are a waste of time and energy. DIY ant removal is frustrating and ineffective.

To eliminate pavement ants in your Worcester home, call Big Blue Bug Solutions. Big Blue Bug Solutions has the experience, training, and tools to remove these insects, restoring your home to order.