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The Battle Against Grain Beetles: Effective Control And Eradication For Rhode Island Homes

grain beetle on food

Grain beetles are challenging to deal with around your home, especially when they infest your stored food items and present contamination risks. Professional grain beetle control in Rhode Island is vital to controlling and eradicating these pests.

Grain Beetle Identification: Know Your Foe

There are many different types of beetles, and grain beetles are fortunately one of the more recognizable species of beetle that you might encounter around your property. It’s important to be able to identify grain beetles when they invade, as this will give you an idea of the pest you are up against.

When trying to determine if a pest invading your pantry is a grain beetle, keep an eye out for the color of the insect. Most grain beetles will be brown or dark red, and they will have a somewhat flattened appearance. Grain beetles in Rhode Island will measure between 2 and 3 millimeters in length, something that makes them fairly hard to spot until an infestation is out of control. Our experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions are here to help you identify these pests.

Common Targets: What Grain Beetles Eat And Damage They Cause

True to their name, grain beetles love to invade pantry areas and infest all different types of grains. Different species of grain beetles may have varying preferences, but cereals, pasta, flour, bread, and other packaged or dry foods are all prime targets for hungry grain beetles. 

Grain beetles cause damage by infesting grains and stored food as adults. They lay their eggs within these grains, and the eggs eventually hatch into larvae. Surrounded by an accessible food source, the larvae will feed until it is time to transition to the pupal stage. From there, the pupae become an adult that moves out of the grain and starts an infestation elsewhere.

Grain beetle control is necessary around your home, as these insects will contaminate any food they invade, destroy food packaging, and leave traces of their infestation throughout your pantry. This damage can become widespread and prolonged without proper treatment.

Preventing Grain Beetles: Tips For A Grain Beetle-Free Home

Implementing tactics to prevent grain beetles is essential if you want to keep your home grain beetle-free. Follow our expert advice below to safeguard your home against this pest:

  • Stored cereals and grains in airtight containers, such as plastic or glass boxes. These prevent grain beetles from easily invading food packaging.
  • Clear out your pantry or other food storage area often, making sure to use older food first to prevent items from sitting out and becoming prone to infestation.
  • Clean crevices and wipe up crumbs from food storage and preparation areas often to stop easy food sources from attracting grain beetles.
  • Check items in the store for signs of grain beetles before purchasing them and bringing them home; look out for damaged packaging and signs of adult beetles on shelves.

Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions if you need more advice for grain beetle prevention or removal.

Taking Control: Calling In The Pros For Total Grain Beetle Control

If you’re struggling with beetles in Rhode Island, professional home pest control for beetles is the best way to defeat these troublesome insects. Our technicians at Big Blue Bug Solutions are ready to help you with grain beetle removal - we know what to look for when it comes to defeating infestations of these pests, and we stop at nothing to ensure all traces of grain beetles are eradicated from your property.

Call us now to learn how the professionals can help you with total grain beetle control you can count on.