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Winter Pests in South Portland that Wear Out Their Welcome


There is a common myth that pests like rodents and insects are not as active in the winter months. That can’t be any farther from the truth. You may not see these pests outside your front window, but they can be quite active in your home. Do you know the signs? Here are a few of the most common winter pests in South Portland that wear out their welcome quickly.


They have moved from cleaning out your bird feeder and eating your outside decorations to snoozing inside your home. To survive winter, squirrels nest to keep warm. Well, Maine in the winter isn’t exactly paradise. You feel the cold and so do they, so they are going to want to find shelter. Your home will do just fine. Squirrels will gain access to your home via the eaves, awnings, and enclosures. The most common damage done to homes by squirrels is chewed wiring, building materials, and insulation. This leaves your home exposed and can increase the risk of fire or further infestation.

Mice and Rats

Mice and rats are other rodents that want to keep warm when it’s cold out. Winter weather sends these scurrying rodents into your home. Rats and mice can go undetected for months because they are excellent hiders in choosing your walls, attic, cupboards, and basement for shelter. While you go about your business, so do mice and rats - producing babies and spreading diseases. Mice and rats leave their droppings where they stand, and they walk through them. Rats and mice are known to cause respiratory complications, transmit diseases, and spread bacteria across homes. They will also chew on everything in your home.


Yes, cockroaches enjoy a toasty home in the winter too. The cockroach wants a space that is cozy, small, dark, and as close to food and moisture as possible. There are few places outside that provide roaches with that kind of protection and access. Unfortunately, your home is just the spot. Your home has a basement and bathroom and under your sinks is especially inviting. The bad thing about cockroaches, however, is, well, they are roaches. They also spread bacteria and trigger allergies in some populations.


Their faces are cute, but their tempers and the destruction they cause are unsightly and expensive. Raccoons gain access to homes in South Portland, Maine, through chimneys, attics, and open garages. If raccoons smell food or think your home provides shelter, good luck getting them to leave. Raccoons wreak havoc in your cupboards, pantry, and garbage cans. They can also make big, elaborate dens in your home. Raccoons have bad tempers, but they are also carriers of rabies. If you have a raccoon in or around your home, you, your family, and your pets are at risk for serious illness.

How to Get Rid of Winter Pests

The only way to get rid of winter pests is to prevent and control them. You need a plan and DIY solutions are not effective enough to protect your loved ones. You need a year-long solution, and Big Blue Bug Solutions can help. Our highly trained experts can put exclusion methods in place, teach you prevention methods, and provide constant support to control over-wintering pests in your South Portland home.