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Opossum Removal Services: Safeguarding Your Portland Property From Opossum Encounters

opossum looking for food

Opossum removal in Portland is essential if you want to safeguard your property against these troublesome wildlife critters. Big Blue Bug Solutions is ready to help you defeat these nocturnal pests.

Opossum Behavior Unmasked: A Closer Look Into Their Habits

When it comes to opossum control in Portland, it’s important to look closely into the habits of these critters. By understanding opossum behavior, you can better understand where these pests might be coming from, why they’re attracted to your property, and how to get rid of them as easily as possible.

Opossums tend to be opportunistic, and they will be attracted to properties that provide them with an easy source of food. These pests eat virtually anything, so outdoor pet food uncovered trash compost piles, and fallen fruit are all prime targets for hungry opossums.

Additionally, you can expect opossums to be seen mostly at night, as this is when they leave their dens to scavenge. During the day, opossums will hide on your property, which can result in dangerous encounters if you accidentally stumble across them.

Health Risks And Property Damage: Consequences Of Opossum Infestations

Even though some individuals may think that opossums are cute critters to encounter, these pests bring serious consequences to your property. An infestation of opossums heralds both health risks and property damage, and it’s important to invest in opossum pest control once you notice these animals on your property.

One of the biggest problems with opossums is the diseases they carry - opossums may introduce leptospirosis, tuberculosis, tularemia, spotted fever, and toxoplasmosis among many other illnesses as they live and scavenge around your property. They might also drop off the fleas, ticks, and mites they carry in their fur, which usually leads to a dangerous secondary infestation of pests.

Furthermore, opossums will attempt to make their dens wherever feels safe on your property. They might do this by climbing into crawl spaces, invading attics, or wiggling their way into basements. These actions and the establishment of their dens around your property do cause significant damage.

Opossum Prevention: Proactive Measure To Keep Opossums At Bay

It’s important to be proactive if you want to keep opossums in Portland at bay. Follow our expert prevention tips below to stop these critters from invading your property in the first place:

  • Remove easily accessed food sources from around your property such as fallen fruit, outdoor pet food, and unsecured trash to stop opossums from being attracted to it.
  • Install a fence around your property where possible, especially in areas that meet tree lines or forests; utilize wildlife exclusion fences for the best results.
  • Opossums like to hide in secluded and dark spaces - remove piles of debris, fill in abandoned animal dens, and block potential entry points into crawl spaces, attics, and basements to keep them out.
  • Utilize smells that repel opossums such as peppermint, ammonia, and chilis around the perimeter of your yard to keep opossums from crossing onto your property.

If you need more opossum prevention advice, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today.

Safe Opossum Removal: Contact Our Experts Today!

For safe opossum control, you can count on, reaching out to Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our experts are knowledgeable in effective opossum control methods, and we make sure to tailor our opossum removal solutions to your property’s exact needs. With our help, you won’t need to worry about directly encountering this critter - simply sit back and let us safeguard your Portland property from opossums and the hazards they bring.

Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today to learn more or to get started.