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Are You Having A Hard Time With Pharaoh Ants In Southern Maine?
pharaoh ants up close

Pharaoh ants are one of the peskiest ants to invade your home and life in Southern Maine. These yellow or golden-brown insects love feeding on sugar and protein and are hard to remove without professional pest control solutions. The pharaoh ant is a nuisance in homes, hospitals, and restaurants. You'll want to get pest control in Southern Maine if you notice even a few of these ants hanging around.

Where Do Pharaoh Ants Get Their Name?

You're not incorrect if you hear the name pharaoh ants and immediately think of ancient Egypt. This insect received its name because people thought it was one of the ancient plagues of Egypt, as described in religious texts. However, there is speculation that this tropical insect is a native of North or West Africa.

Where do pharaoh ants live now? It's common for this nuisance pest to stay close to food and water sources indoors. They love warm, humid areas and will build their nests behind baseboards and walls, under flooring, or within your furniture.

If you have pharaoh ants in your home, do your part to make your house less attractive to these insects. And call Big Blue Bug Solutions for regularly scheduled ant control treatments.

Are Pharaoh Ants Dangerous To Humans Or Pets?

Are pharaoh ants dangerous? These insects aren't venomous and they don't bite or sting. What makes pharaoh ants harmful is that they can spread pathogens to humans and pets.

Because of how these insect pests travel, they pick up and carry bacteria on their body. Pharaoh ants can contaminate human and pet food and may spread salmonella or staphylococcus.

How do I get rid of pharaoh ants? The best way to get rid of pharaoh ants is to contact Big Blue Bug Solutions to provide effective, long-lasting ant control.

You can also do the following to make your space less attractive to pharaoh ants:

  • Keep your home tidy and remove trash promptly.
  • Store food in airtight containers and clean up crumbs and spills.
  • Remove sources of excess moisture.
  • Repair damaged walls and seal cracks and crevices.

These tips can help make pharaoh ants less likely to invade your home, but they aren't enough to deal with an existing population.

Why Do-It-Yourself Ant Control Usually Fails

You probably are familiar with a few homemade or natural solutions to try and control ants. However, most non-professional pest control solutions only work for a short period and must be reapplied frequently, which is not practical.

Pharaoh ants may fall for bait traps that include sugar or protein, but that isn't enough. You'll need professional exclusion products and solutions to treat pharaoh ants where they hide from sight.

Does borax kill pharaoh ants? Borax is often touted for its ability to eliminate pests like ants, roaches, and other crawling insects. Unfortunately, relying on only borax to solve a pharaoh ant problem won't be sufficient. You'll need a combination of pest control solutions to prevent and remove ants from your home. The most helpful solution is to have Big Blue Bug Solutions treat your home or business.

Pharaoh ants or Monomorium pharaonis (Linnaeus) are a rascal of a pest to deal with and remove. They find safe harbor in buildings and are a challenging indoor pest that doesn't leave easily with conventional pest control. Once inside a building, pharaoh ants establish multiple colonies and are hard to eliminate.

The best solution for controlling and treating an ant problem is to schedule services with Big Blue Bug Solutions. We have years of experience and offer follow-up services to fit your schedule and protect your home from pharaoh ants.

Contact The Professionals For Total Pharaoh Ant Elimination

Call in the cavalry when pharaoh ants are constantly in your kitchen and seem to be everywhere in your home. When you need pharaoh ant extermination near you, Big Blue Bug Solutions is ready to act swiftly to eliminate this pest.

Stop struggling with DIY solutions that don't work, leave you frustrated, and fail to stop pharaoh ants. Big Blue Bug Solutions has been in the pest control business for over 80 years. Our pest control technicians deliver safe, effective ant control that works. Let us treat your home in Southern Maine for pharaoh ants. Call today.