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How To Keep Earwigs At Bay Around Your Warwick Home

earwig on wall

No one likes being pinched, by a human or by any other creature. This is a big part of the reason why people instinctively avoid earwigs. The earwig bug looks intimidating and appears to have the ability to cause a nasty pinch with its hind section. If you have not taken the time to learn more about these bugs or the problems they cause locally, take that time today. Here is what you should know about earwigs and what pest control in Warwick works best to combat these bugs. Reach out to our team at Big Blue Bug Solutions for our suggestions on popular control measures. We would be more than happy to schedule a service visit for your home and property to give these bugs the boot.

Earwigs Are A Very Creepy Looking Pest

The earwig is one of the most strange-looking pests here in Warwick. This is mostly due to their long bodies, yellow legs, and large pincer at their rear. This pincer is functional and can break human skin. Finding an earwig or multiple earwigs inside your home can be a serious fright. To help you understand exactly why these pests are a problem, here are some things you should consider about these bugs and the direct issues they cause inside and around homes. 

Earwigs Are More Of A Nuisance Than A Danger

Despite an earwigs appearance, these bugs are not terrible pests. This doesn’t mean they don’t cause problems, just that they are not overtly dangerous, destructive, or annoying. More often than not, earwigs do their best to stay out of sight and avoid humans. They will only pinch if they feel directly threatened. The real problem you will find with these invasive bugs lies in the way they consume and damage garden and decorative plants. Even with this, the damage they cause is not severe and is usually repairable with general plant maintenance. Keeping this in mind, earwigs themselves are gross to look at and should be avoided as much as possible. We recommend finding some prevention tips or professional earwig control options to help you keep these bugs at bay.

Simple Yet Effective Earwig Prevention Tips

Avoiding earwig infestations in Warwick can be difficult. That said, there are some things you can do around your home to reduce your chances of finding these bugs indoors. Here are some simple tips and tricks to start with.

  • Find and seal gaps, holes, and cracks around your home’s exterior foundation.
  • Address damage to windows and doors and their screens.
  • Keep unscreened doors and windows shut if you are not using them.
  • Eliminate sources of moisture build-up inside and around your home.
  • Repair damage to leaky piping, damaged fixtures, and broken gutters.
  • Keep up with general lawn and garden maintenance. 

Although these tips and tricks are helpful, using them will not guarantee your protection against earwig invasion. The best way to stop these pests is to bring in a pest control professional. 

The Best Way To Get Rid Of An Earwig Problem

If you have not looked into earwig control but are considering your options to combat these pests, we have something for you. Our team at Big Blue Bug Solutions is experienced in dealing with all sorts of common and uncommon pest problems here in Warwick. We know why earwigs invade homes and what methods work best to stop these pests. All you have to do is talk with our team.

Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions now to learn more about home pest control in Warwick and find a great way to say goodbye to these bugs for good.