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How To Keep Pesky Squirrels Away From Your Worcester Yard

squirrel on ground in grass

Squirrels are a common rodent and pest that may occasionally wander on your property in Worcester. Although these creatures might seem adorable because of their bushy tails and big eyes, they are anything but when they invade your property. Squirrels can rummage through your garbage, chew holes in your house, and damage your garden.

Squirrels are rodents, so they might carry pathogens or transmit harmful bacteria through indirect or direct contact. Pest control professionals can exclude squirrels from your property. Learn more about tree squirrels and how pest control in Worcester can protect your home and family.

Habits And Behaviors Of Common Tree Squirrels

You may be curious about the behaviors and habits of squirrels in Worcester. Here are some interesting tidbits to know:

  • Squirrels feed on seeds, nuts, berries, and small insects. However, there is some slight variation in diet between different squirrels.
  • Gray squirrels are active in the morning and evening and are visible year-round. Fox squirrels are usually active in the morning and afternoon.
  • Tree squirrels create their nests in trees and take refuge from predators in trees as well.
  •  You may spy these rodent pests on utility power lines or darting around yards and streets.

If squirrels are digging up your yard searching for food or trying to nest in your home, get squirrel pest control services from Big Blue Bug Solutions.

Squirrels Hanging Around Your Property Can Cause Problems

A large number of squirrels on your property can lead to issues. Since squirrels are rodents, they must chew on things to maintain their teeth.

If you have a squirrel pest control technician inspect your home, you might discover gnawed electrical wires or a nest inside your home’s insulation. These rodents might use nearby power lines or trees to get close to your home’s roof, enter your attic or crawl space, or hide between walls

If you love to hang bird feeders on your property, tree squirrels might come by to snack on food meant for birds. These pests might dig up your grass and soil to bury nuts or chew on your shrubbery or garden.

Five Simple Yet Effective Squirrel Prevention Tips

Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions for squirrel pest control for your property and follow a few preventative measures to deter these pests. Try the following ideas:

  1. Add mulch to your yard and garden if squirrels frequently dig your bulbs and plants. Keep your yard manicured and remove food sources like nuts or fruits from trees when they fall.
  2. Keep a dog in your yard to chase away squirrels and make them uncomfortable.
  3. Try growing a plant that squirrels can’t stand, like mint, on your property.
  4.  Install sprinklers that turn on when there is motion on your property. Or put sprinklers on a timer to keep squirrels on the run if they try to enter your yard or garden.
  5. Add barriers to make it difficult for squirrels to enter your home. Use caps on chimneys, metal sheeting over gaps, or fill in gaps where these pests might enter.

Using squirrel control methods like these prevention tips is only a small way to help repel squirrels from your property. The most effective way to protect your home and yard from these rodent pests is with pest control for squirrels from Big Blue Bug Solutions.

The Safest Way To Keep Squirrels Away

If left untreated, a squirrel infestation on your property can lead to a damaged garden and yard, chewed wires, and nests in your roof or crawl space. DIY solutions to control squirrels are less effective than Big Blue Bug Solutions treating your home with squirrel pest control methods that get results.

Use prevention methods for squirrels and contact Big Blue Bug Solutions for wildlife control in Worcester. When you trust the protection of your home against pests like squirrels to the professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions, you get effective squirrel exclusion. Call us for a free inspection to get rid of squirrels on your property safely and prevent these pesky rodents from returning.