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Fall Pests In Maine

stink bugs on the pavement

Living in Maine, fall is one of the best seasons to experience. The bright foliage on the trees, crisp mornings, cozy scarves, corn mazes, and apple picking are just a few highlights of the cooler months for Maine residents. There’s a change in weather, change in your wardrobe, but there are also some changes that may be in your home, including pests. Maine is a great state, and with the variety in seasons also comes a change in insects and rodents that may try and take shelter from the cold. The top pests you will come across this fall are earwigs, silverfish, stink bugs, mice, and rats. It can be a little overwhelming to think of all these, but chances are you will come into contact with one or more of these pests this fall, and to be informed is the first step of action.

Earwigs are well known for escaping the cool weather to find shelter. They will creep under doors, around windows, and even sneak into items being brought into your home or business. Earwigs pose no danger, but they can be a great nuisance, and they are a bit intimidating with the large pinchers at the end of their abdomen. These pinchers are used for defense from other pests, so you would only experience a pinch from them if you are close enough and they feel threatened.

Silverfish are also known as a nuisance pest. They have long, scaly bodies and move quickly in a fish-like fashion. They are small but reproduce rapidly; and before you know it your attic, bathroom, or basement will be a silverfish haven.  They can cause damage to the items in your home or business that they feed on such as books, paper, wallpaper glue, and photos.

Another unwelcome and smelly fall pest is the stink bug. Stink bugs feed on fruit and other vegetation, so what draws them into your home is the need for shelter. As fall sets in, stink bugs are seeking a place of refuge from the cold fall and winter months and will reemerge from those areas in the spring. They become an issue because of their numbers and because of the foul smell emitted when crushed.

Mice and Rats can cause significant damage as they enter indoors during the fall months. They will enter in through cracks, pipe entrances, and eaves of homes to build nests and find food sources. If action is not taken to prevent these rodents from entering your home, you will run into a large issue this winter. Mice and Rats tend to build nests in garages, attics, basements, and will even make their way into your walls. They will chew on wires causing a fire risk and dig at your walls causing hefty repair bills. Along with damage that is done to your home, mice and rats will cause contamination to your food and leave traces of feces that can be tracked around your home posing a health threat to you and your family.

Don’t let your fall season be ruined by nuisance and destructive pests. We understand that a bug and rodent issue is the last thing you want to be dealing with during these memorable fall months. Before you run into an issue that will cause long lasting damage or health issues, contact the experts here at Big Blue Bug Solutions. We will enter your home with respect and will safely and effectively eliminate these threats. You can also schedule your free inspection and learn about our variety of services to make sure your home is secure and pest free this fall and winter.