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What Are Earwigs?

earwig climbing on rock

Don’t worry, you can rest assured that earwigs will not climb into your ear and creep into your brain to lay eggs; they don’t do that. But they will hang out at camp, in the latrine, or at the picnic table. However, they don’t just live in camps; they can find their way into your home as well. Earwigs just prefer a damp, dark environment like that found under wood piles, compost, and mulch; but if your home offers moist conditions to them, they will happily invite themselves in.

Earwigs have long narrow bodies that tend to be reddish brown to dark brown and are about ⅝” or longer in length. These little guys are creepy looking with their pinchers, which by the way are called “cerci”, sticking out their tail end. Due to this pincher appendage, some people have nicknamed earwigs, “pincher bugs”. Earwigs do not bite, but they will give a little pinch if they are cornered or feel threatened. They are harmless but are very annoying and considered to be a nuisance pest. You wouldn’t want them to have free reign over your house, letting them hang out on walls and run across the floors, though.

If you have discovered an infestation by seeing them around your home or under things like rugs, clutter, and areas where there is a lot of moisture such us under sinks or near tubs, you will want to take action right away to get rid of them. The best way to do that is to contact a professional pest control service in your area.

To make sure that earwigs are not drawn to your property and home it is important to clean up all outdoor debris like rotten stumps, tree limbs, leaves, and junk piles. You should also remove all sources of standing water around your home. Fill in low areas that are likely to form puddles; pick up tires, toys, and gardening tools that are lying outside; and clear clogged gutters and barrels. Inspect your home for holes and creases that earwigs may be using as a point of entry. You will need to close those holes with caulk or sealant. It’s important to replace or repair all damaged window and door frames, as well as replacing damaged screens. Also, screen vents and fill gaps where utilities enter your home.

Eliminating areas of your home that are susceptible to entry can be difficult, it would be wise to consult Big Blue Bug Solutions if you live in our New England service area. We are pest control experts, and we strive to help you make your home pest free. So, if you have earwigs or any other pests, rely on Big Blue Bug to offer safe, effective solutions.