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Conquer The Stink: Expert Tips For Preventing And Eliminating Stink Bugs In Maine

stink bugs on plant

Stink bugs certainly have a reputation, and they’ve earned it. They really do smell, which causes problems when they get inside your house. Stink bugs also wreak havoc on gardens. 

If you see stink bugs around your property, you need to call Big Blue Bug Solutions. We provide stink bug pest control in Maine that will protect your home and yard from insects. Call today to learn more about the services we provide for local homes. 

Understanding Stink Bugs: Anatomy And Behavior

Stink bugs are relatively common insects in Maine. They’re usually about 3/4 inch long. The most common type of stink bug in Maine is the brown marmorated stink bug, which has a gray-brown mottled pattern. Stink bugs are most easily identified by their shield-shaped bodies. They’re aptly named—stink bugs produce a distinctive, unpleasant odor when threatened. 

One of the most common signs of a stink bug infestation is a collection of bugs on the sunny side of your house. These insects will congregate on sunny walls and just stay there. Stink bugs often overwinter inside homes and other buildings, so there must be no entry points to your home that stink bugs can access. 

Stink Bug Damage: How These Pests Affect Crops And Gardens

Besides the smell they create, stink bugs aren’t harmful to people. They can, however, cause serious damage to plants. Stink bugs pierce plant leaves, buds, flowers, and fruit to suck out the sap, stunting plant growth and even killing seedlings. Fruit trees and berry plants are especially vulnerable, as are cabbage, corn, tomatoes, eggplants, and beans. Stink bugs will also attack ornamental plants, such as snapdragons and sunflowers. Whether growing a vegetable garden or a flower bed, stink bugs can be incredibly detrimental to your plant’s growth. 

Preventing Stink Bugs: Tips For Protecting Your Home

The most crucial part of stink bug prevention in Maine is making sure insects can’t get inside your house. If stink bugs can spend the winter inside your home, they’ll stick around for much longer.

Try these tips to keep stink bugs away from your house:

  • Seal any cracks and holes in the walls of your home.
  • Repair loose siding or mortar.
  • Repair or replace torn window screens.
  • Replace outdoor lights with yellow or sodium vapor light bulbs since these are less attractive to insects.
  • Control weeds to decrease stink bug habitats and breeding. 

Because stink bugs are flying insects, it’s hard to keep them off your property forever. They’ll still turn up every once in a while. However, these tricks make your yard less attractive to stink bugs and more challenging for them to get inside your house, minimizing your chances of developing an infestation and helping protect your plants. 

Home remedies to get rid of stink bugs aren’t always effective. If you’re seeing signs of stink bug damage or the insects themselves, your best course of action is to contact a professional pest control company for treatments. 

Stink Bug Management: Contact Us For Experienced Control

If you’re looking for stink bug exterminators or treatments in Maine, look no further than Big Blue Bug Solutions. We provide high-quality, affordable pest control solutions that keep your home and garden safe from bugs. All our technicians are trained in the most effective methods of home pest control in Maine. When you call us for help with stink bugs, you can expect to receive professional attention and care. We treat every home as if it were our own. Our services include multiple prevention treatments a year, and if the stink bugs show up between visits, so will we. 

Call Big Blue Bug Solutions to learn more about keeping stink bugs out of your house and yard.