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The Ultimate Guide To Mouse Removal: Keep Your Connecticut Home Safe And Clean

Mice eating cereal inside of a kitchen pantry

People in Connecticut claim, "There's no better place to work, play and raise a family." The state offers a vast and varied landscape for people looking to set down roots. Whether your taste in homes is an up-scale city apartment or condo, a suburban two-story, or a historically built home nestled deep within Connecticut's woodlands, one group of pests that might decide to raise a family inside your home is mice. Without professional mouse removal services, mice family members might end up outnumbering the people inside your home.

Identifying The Common Mouse: Differentiating Mice From Other Rodents

Mice are among the most frequent visitors to Connecticut homes; they are members of the rodent family, which includes over 2,000 species and around 30 different family units. With these kinds of numbers, identifying whether or not you have mice in your home can get confusing.

Six characteristics that can help identify mice include:

  1. They typically weigh around 1 ounce.
  2. Their body size averages 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches long (not including their tail); sometimes, their tail is as long as their body.
  3. Their furry rounded body colorations typically vary from light brown to gray (or a combination).
  4. They typically have a pointed nose and large ears (with some hair).
  5. Their tails are often hairless.
  6. They are good jumpers and swimmers.

Other rodents like voles and rats commonly visit properties. Rats are typically larger, and voles are chunkier than house-invading mice. If you suspect mice have gotten into your home, calling Big Blue Bug Solutions for verification and removal recommendations is always best.

Health Risks And Property Damage: The Risks Of A Mouse Infestation

While some might find mice "cute" behind those big ears and deceptive whiskers, there lies a two-fold problem; they are a health hazard and cause property damage. As mice move about homes, they enter walls, shred insulation, make nests within stored items, and soil fabrics. Their constant gnawing also damages many home items, including wood products and electrical wires, which can cause fire hazards. While home damage is concerning, perhaps more troubling are the health problems mice bring indoors.

When mice detect food odors, they actively seek them out. Consequently, packaged foods, foods left on counters, pet foods, and foods in the trash are fair game. These foods and the surfaces mice walk across can get contaminated with urine and feces. In addition to contamination, mice carry pathogens that can make people ill. Some diseases they spread include salmonellosis, leptospirosis, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM).

Additionally, dust from dried mouse droppings and urine droplets in the air can cause problems for people suffering from allergies or asthma. Considering the numerous issues mice bring to homes, removing them as soon as possible is vital. At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we can help homeowners eliminate mouse infestations and get you back to living pest-free—we guarantee it.

Preventative Measures For Mice: Keep Them Out Before They Get In

Inspecting homes for weak spots that allow mice to slip indoors is always wise. Homeowners who use strategies to help keep mice from entering homes can encourage them to stay outdoors where they belong.

Mouse prevention strategies that help deter them from entering homes include the following:

  • Seal all potential mouse entryways 1/4 inch or larger, like cracks, holes, and gaps where utilities come into homes and openings under doors.
  • Practice good sanitization indoors, like wiping spills quickly, cleaning up crumbs, keeping trash bins clean, and storing foods in airtight containers.
  • Reduce clutter indoors and eliminate yard debris.
  • Eliminate heavy vegetation and tree branches close to your house.
  • Ensure outdoor garbage bins have tight-fitting lids.

Proactive homeowners who stay active and alert can do much to limit the chances of mouse infestations. Still, stopping a mouse determined to find shelter, food, and moisture can be challenging. Ultimately, the best way to keep mice away from Connecticut homes is with help from the pest professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions.

Professional Mouse Control: The Most Effective Elimination Solution

Homeowners seeking the most effective mouse elimination solutions need to look to the pest professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions. For over 80 years, our company has provided homes and businesses throughout New England with outstanding pest and mouse control services.

Our professional and environmentally responsible treatments provide comprehensive pest control solutions that work—we guarantee it. Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today for a free inspection and professional mouse control in Connecticut.