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Winning The Battle Against Ants In Rhode Island: Expert Advice On Effective Control


Ants are extremely pesky insects. One day, you don’t see any evidence of ants inside your home. The next day, though, they can be marching in a line through your kitchen. This makes ant control in Rhode Island especially important, as dealing with the problem quickly can prevent it from becoming significantly worse in very little time.

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we have proven techniques we can deploy at your home to successfully control these pests. We’ve been in business for more than 80 years, and you can trust us to safely and effectively handle any ant problem.

Ant Behavior: Social Hierarchy And Communication

When you are wondering how to get rid of ants in Rhode Island, it can be helpful to have an understanding of how they move and behave. Our team of experts studies these insects regularly, and we use this knowledge to help us combat the problem, giving you the results you want to see.

For starters, ants in Rhode Island become especially active in the spring. This is a time of the year when they are moving, looking for food and new sites to build nests. If your home is easy to enter and if you have stray food lying around, the ants may move in and try to establish themselves.

Because ants live in communities and can communicate with each other, an infestation inside your home can happen quickly. If one ant finds a source of food in your home, it can convey this message to others in the colony, and you can have dozens of ants in your house in a short amount of time.

Ant Problems: Health Concerns And Property Damage

Ants can cause a variety of problems, from health risks to damaged property. Any kind of ant could infest your food, potentially ruining it or making you sick if you eat it. Although little black ants in this area rarely cause structural damage, large black carpenter ants in Rhode Island can cause property damage. Carpenter ants may hollow out wall framing and other areas with soft or damaged wood, looking to create a nest. Eventually, this type of damage could weaken the structure, leading to further problems or the need for expensive repairs.

If you are wondering how to get rid of carpenter ants to keep your property and family safe, the pros at Big Blue Bug Solutions are ready to help. We study your problem and figure out the best way to control these pests.

Effective Ant Prevention Strategies: Safeguarding Your Home

After you have our team of experts perform ant control in your house, you can then deploy strategies to keep ants from coming back:

  • Fix leaky pipes under sinks, as ants sometimes come indoors to find moisture.
  • Seal any gaps in your foundation where ants could be entering your home.
  • Remove food crumbs from the kitchen that could draw ants.
  • Pick up pet food bowls that could be drawing ants in.
  • Trim grass, weeds, and shrubs near the foundation where ants could hide.

Our team can give you some additional tips on preventing ants from returning to your home after we’ve successfully removed them.

Professional Ant Control: A Great Way To Get Rid Of Ants

Don’t let the fact that you see ants inside your home cause you to panic. Instead, count on the team at Big Blue Bug Solutions to help you control these pests effectively. Ant removal in Rhode Island is not an easy process for homeowners, which is why our services are so important. We deal with the problem for you and then provide advice to keep them from coming back. We can also schedule regular treatments if you notice these pests year after year.

Contact us to schedule a free inspection today.