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Date Posted: January 17, 2018
Category: Cockroaches

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cockroach found in massachusetts home

No one likes to see a cockroach skittering across the floor or counter. They are creepy looking pests, and they are very dangerous to the health of humans. Roaches are instinctively drawn to human food and waste, they also regurgitate and defecate on food that they are eating. Bacteria can be transmitted by roaches, and they can be carrying parasites inside themselves as well. Salmonella is commonly spread by roaches, causing disease like food poisoning and typhoid. Another risk of cockroaches is allergies from an infestation, that cause redness, itching, and asthma attacks.

Some common cockroaches in New England are the American, German, and Oriental cockroaches. American and German roaches generally forage at night and hide in dark gaps and crevices in walls and floors during the day. They can infest places in large or small numbers, leaving their feces that resembles coffee grounds inside drawers, cabinets, and behind appliances. They secrete a terrible musty odor that can be very strong in some areas. Oriental roaches are usually found outdoors near water sources that they need to survive. They will go indoors only if they find themselves in extremely dry conditions outside. Sometimes they are brought into homes on stored boxes and bags. No matter the size of the infestation or type of cockroach, you don’t want to ignore the sighting of even one cockroach, as that one is likely in the vicinity of many more.

In order to avoid disease spreading cockroaches, you will need to fill in all cracks and crevices in exterior walls and the foundation of your home. Seal around windows and doors, and place weather-stripping under doors. Keep garbage, compost, piles of wood, and debris away from the outside of your house. Fix all leaky pipes that exist in your kitchen, bathroom, and basement. Run dehumidifiers in moist areas to keep your home dry. Store all foods in containers that are air-tight with tight-fitting lids. Clean up food and drink messes immediately and clean counters and cupboards on a regular basis.

It is extremely important that a cockroach infestation gets taken care of immediately. If you live in New England you can call on the professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions for cockroach control you can trust. We offer services in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Maine. We don’t just eliminate cockroaches, we take care of all pests, from insects to wildlife. Our Home Owner’s Policy covers all of the most common pests. We will visit your home to perform preventative maintenance, and if you experience pest issues between visits, we will come take care of the problem at no additional charge. We are the cleanest pest solutions company, where each of our technicians will wear blue gloves and booties to make sure your home is as clean as we found out, while we help make your home pest free! Give us a call today and find out more about our pest control solutions.

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