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Date Posted: July 16, 2019
Category: Pest Control

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a long dark brown poderpost beetle crawlong along a wooden structure in a new england home before chewing through the wood and creating costly damage

Before we talk about when powderpost beetles are most active in New England, you may be wondering what they are. Powderpost beetles are potentially damaging wood-destroying insects that primarily live inside wood. They are small, measuring less than ¼” in length and they are black or brownish-red in color. While they can bite, they usually don’t because they spend most of there lives in wood and not seeking out people. This isn’t one of the most common insects we look out for, but we should be aware of them, as they can cause damage to our homes. They are typically active through warm weather months. If you spot damage from wood-destroying pests you should call Big Blue Bug Solutions immediately to halt the progression and get rid of these pests.


Problems that Powderpost Beetles Cause

Like termites and carpenter ants, powderpost beetles get into the wood structures of your home and cause damage. They prefer unfinished wood and will bore under the surface to lay their eggs. As their eggs hatch, their larvae tunnel their way through the wood, eating and leaving hollowed-out tunnels in their wake. When they are fully grown, they will make a hole in the wood to emerge through. Imagine not just one powderpost beetle doing this, but hundreds. 


Warning Signs of Powderpost Beetles

One of the first signs that you may notice from having carpenter bees around your house are the holes they leave. Powderpost beetles do the same. The difference is that the holes that powderpost beetles leave are pinhole-sized. While they are small, they are noticeable, especially if there are many. You may also see a fine, dust-like powdery sawdust outside the holes, indicating the beetles are actively burrowing.


Professional Pest Control for Wood-Destroying Pests

If you suspect powderpost beetles have taken up residence in your deck, window trim, shed, or somewhere else in your home, it’s time to contact the professionals. If your home is attracting one type of wood-destroying pest, it’s likely that it is attracting others. Any wood-destroying pest needs to be eliminated by professional pest control technicians immediately, before permanent and costly damage is done to your home.


Big Blue Bug Solutions for Powderpost Beetles

At Big Blue Bug Solutions we’ve been serving the people of New England for over 80 years. Our expert technicians have the experience and tools available to rid your home of powderpost beetles and all wood-destroying pests. Call us so we can help you protect your home from these damaging pests. 

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