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Date Posted: March 3, 2021
Category: Stored Product Pests

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grain beetles infesting stored food products

When it comes to proper pest control, you may have to look beyond the cracks and crevices in your Worcester home and focus your attention on your pantry. The sawtooth grain beetle is a dry-goods-devouring pest that's known to make its way inside your favorite treats and enjoy them just as much as you do.

The last thing you want to do is open a fresh box of cereal, only to realize a group of grain beetles has already started breakfast without you. So let's get to know more about these food-infesting foragers, including, what they look like, how they get into homes, and most importantly, what to do if you spot them.

What Do Sawtooth Grain Beetles Look Like?

The sawtooth grain beetle is a slender, flat, brown beetle that usually measures about 1/10th of an inch long. It has six tiny projections on the side of its head, giving it the appearance of a saw.

What Do They Eat?

Believe it or not, sawtooth grain beetles don't actually eat whole grain. Their tiny flat bodies allow them to enter cracks and infest broken kernels. You're likely to find grain beetles in the products listed below:

  • Birdseed

  • Cereal

  • Chocolates

  • Dried Fruits

  • Flour

  • Pasta

  • Pet Foods

  • Nuts

  • Tobacco

  • Yeast

How Do They Get Into Your Food/Home?

These opportunistic pests typically make their way into goods while the goods are in production or are in the process of being packaged. This means that if the dried good you purchased from your local grocery store was infested by grain beetles, then it's likely many other packages are infested as well.
In your home, infestation typically starts when you bring home an infested product. These pests can quickly make their way into other dried goods in the same cabinet or pantry and could appear in other places around the home.
Sawtooth grain beetles don't leave much of a trail to follow so detecting them can be difficult. Homeowners may be able to spot these critters by noticing small beetles in pantry products and on surfaces like shelves and counters.

Are They Dangerous?

Grain beetles don't bite or sting so they're not a physical threat to humans or pets. They do, however, contaminate every food source they come across and can cause mold problems in food due to excess moisture.

How To Prevent Sawtooth Grain Beetles

Grain beetles can be difficult to prevent since they typically infest a food source long before they end up in your home. But there are a few steps you can take to help reduce the risk of grain beetles.

  • Immediately throw away infested foods.

  • Keep dry goods in sealed containers.

  • Vacuum or wipe shelves consistently.

What To Do If You Spot Sawtooth Grain Beetles In Your Home

There are three easy but important steps to take if you spot grain beetles in your home.

  • First, discard all food items they may have contacted. This means inspecting all of the boxes and containers in your pantry or cabinet to see if the infestation has spread.

  • Second, remove any food that you can confirm has been infested or any that you're unsure about.

    Third, immediately reach out to a pest control service to prevent further infestation.

How Big Blue Bug Solutions Can Help

With over 80 years of pest control experience, Big Blue Bug Solutions knows exactly how to eliminate and prevent sawtooth grain beetle infestations. We use the industry's safest and most effective solutions to let beetles know they're not welcome in your Worcester home. Schedule your free inspection today or contact us at 888-258-3284 with any pest control questions you have. We are here to help!

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