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Having wildlife on your property can sometimes seem exotic or exciting. At least seeing a raccoon is more interesting than tripping on your neighbor’s cat; however, many common property-invading wildlife species are dangerous to humans and can bring disease-carrying parasites around and into your home.

While you may feel concerned about the safety of the wildlife when you call it in, local wildlife removal services can remove property-invading species while still following wildlife protection laws. If you find yourself searching for wildlife removal near me, continue reading to learn about property-invading wildlife in Worcester, how they threaten your safety, and what you can do about them.

Common Property-Invading Wildlife In Worcester

Part of the reason wildlife management is so important is because of the significant health and safety risks wildlife can pose if they come in contact with humans. Perhaps the most dangerous kind of wildlife in the area, the bat, commonly takes up residence in the eaves of a home, in attics, in the chimney, or they may swarm around the home.

Two species of bat are common in Massachusetts: the little brown bat and the big brown bat. Both species have short, soft brown fur with slightly darker brown wings. Bats can be an effective form of pest control, eating up to 600 insects per hour, however, they are also the most common source of human rabies. While rabies is rare in bats, usually only about 6% of the population, it’s not easy to tell which bats may be infected, and therefore, having them around isn’t worth the risk.

Next, skunks. Quite comfortable under your decks or waddling around your garden, skunks may seem like more of a nuisance than a threat, but they are carriers of serious diseases that can affect you and your pets. Skunks are the second most prolific carriers of rabies, but they can also spread distemper to your pets and leptospirosis and hepatitis to people. In addition, skunks are often carriers of fleas and ticks which are vectors of other serious diseases like Lyme disease.

Finally, pigeons. Pigeons are carriers of histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis, but their extreme attachment to people’s homes as their own can make them a major nuisance as well. Not only have their droppings been known to cause injuries as slipping hazards, but they can turn aggressive if you approach their young. Pigeons have been known to travel thousands of miles to return home, hence their extreme attachment to their birthplace. In this case, wildlife management is often in the form of exclusion methods.

Not only are common property-invading wildlife potentially dangerous to your health, but they can also be hazardous to your property. Pigeons, in particular, have been known to do lasting damage to roof tiles, and having bats in your attic can mean health-endangering guano and mold accumulation that can damage the wood. Finally, skunks can damage your yard through tunnels and burrows under buildings and decks, threatening the integrity of these structures. When you are aware of all of the dangers and health risks wildlife on your property can cause, you can understand why local wildlife removal is essential.

Wildlife control services are meant to protect you and your family, but you need not fear that they will harm the animals unnecessarily. Wildlife protection is secondary to your protection, and wildlife pest control services follow protection laws.

The Safest Way To Handle Wildlife

It’s possible you feel that wildlife will leave you alone if you leave them alone, and while it’s true that many wildlife will only attack if they feel trapped or threatened, you may not be able to control whether you bump into a skunk in your garden or aggravate a bat on your porch. It’s not worth the risk to your home, your family, and your pets.

Searching for wildlife removal near me should bring up many wildlife pest control options. Big Blue Bug Solutions is your best bet for wildlife control services that consider both wildlife protection and your safety. Our wildlife expert collaborates with biologists and the local health department to stay up to date on laws, diseases, and rabies protocols designed to keep residents of the New England area and Worcester safe.

Entrusting your wildlife concerns to Big Blue Bug Solutions means having a range of options at your service, from exclusion to trapping and catch-and-release programs. Our consideration for wildlife means that we can take care of the problem while preserving natural resources and managing the damage to your property and the ecosystem. Call Big Blue Bug Solutions for a free wildlife inspection today, and get started with our safe, effective, and considerate wildlife removal in Worcester.

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