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Big Blue Bug Solutions, home of the famous big blue bug Nibbles Woodaway, has provided Pawtucket and the surrounding areas with top quality commercial and residential pest control services since 1935. No matter what your pest problem is, we have the solution for you. If you have small, black ants in the kitchen or are being overrun with mice, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today.

Commercial Pest Control In Pawtucket

Very little can be more damaging to the reputation of a company than a sighting of any pest such as a cockroach or mouse. At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we understand the importance of protecting that reputation and we offer a commercial pest control plan to keep your Pawtucket business pest free. Our commercial pest control program is completely customizable to fit the needs of any business and is designed to keep away pests, including:

To keep your Pawtucket commercial facility pest free or to schedule an inspection, contact us today.


Pawtucket Home Pest Control

Big Blue Bug Solutions has been servicing the homes of Pawtucket for over 80 years. With this experience, we have developed our Home Owners Plan (H.O.P.) to keep homes pest free year round. The H.O.P. covers a wide range of pests, including:

  • Ants

  • Beetles

  • Centipedes

  • Cockroaches

  • Fleas

  • Mice

  • Spiders

  • Stinging Insects and many more

If you are in need of a Pawtucket exterminator or would like more information on the pests covered under the Home Owners Plan, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today.


Pawtucket RI Termite Solutions

Termites are the most destructive pest in Pawtucket and throughout all of the United States, with the exception of Nibbles. They can cause significant structural damage to a building and often times homeowners or business insurance does not cover the cost of the repairs. It is important to watch for signs of termite activity, such as:

  • Mud tubes along foundation

  • Discarded wings

  • Termite Swarms

  • Damaged wood

  • Warped or sagging doors and floors

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we offer termite solutions for homes and businesses in Pawtucket. For more information on the termite control plans available, contact us today.


Bed Bug Control Pawtucket

The bed bug population is growing and spreading rapidly in Pawtucket and throughout Rhode Island. This is especially a concern for commercial facilities with large volumes of traffic, such as:

  • Hotels

  • Movie Theaters

  • Hospitals

  • Means of transportation, including Taxis, Airplanes and Trains

Bed bugs are capable of traveling on nearly any surface and can find their way into homes or businesses by hitching a ride on luggage, clothes and even people. These blood sucking insects are nearly impossible to eliminate without the help of a professional. If you live or work in Pawtucket and need help getting rid of bed bugs, contact the experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions today. With our bed bug control we are ready to help you with your bed bug problem, no matter how severe.

Wherefore Art Thou?

john ohurley

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we can't promise you Shakespeare, but we can solve your pest problems.

World-Famous Thespian John O'Hurley joins the Big Blue Bug family.

Watch John's First Day

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