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How To Handle An Abundance Of Spiders In Your Home

House Spider In Worcester MA

Have you been seeing a lot of spiders in your Worcester and Framingham MA home? If so, you’ve probably been wondering what to do about these arachnids. Spiders in New England can be useful because they are known to eat the insects that may be present inside your home, but if you have a fear of these pests or you are seeing them in great numbers, they can prove to a be a real nuisance.

What can be done about spiders in your home?

If you are dealing with an abundance of spiders, the Worcester pest control pros at Big Blue Bug Solutions can help. Our experienced professionals offer exceptional spider control services to get rid of all types of spiders in RI and MA homes, including the sac spider and the house spider (as well as poisonous spiders in RI, like the black widow spider). Once you give us a call, we will make every effort to be with you as soon as possible to eliminate your spider problem. In the meantime, you can follow these helpful prevention tips from our New England pest control pros: 

  1. Eliminate populations of insects that spiders feed upon. This can be done by closing up possible entry points in the exterior of your home, installing weather stripping around doors and windows and vacuuming regularly in untouched areas of your home to remove insect pests.
  2. Clean up spider webs whenever you find them; this will remove spiders that may be present as well as spider egg sacs.
  3. Move wood piles and other debris piles away from the immediate exterior of your home. Spiders and other pests will find shelter in these piles and you don’t want to be inviting these pests into your home if they are in close proximity.

These helpful tips will help to prevent spiders from overtaking your home this winter, but when it comes to pest control, nothing is as effective as year round pest control services from a professional New England pest control company. Most of our local residents in Worcester, Framingham and surrounding communities are recommending our Home Owner’s Policy (H.O.P.) as the easiest and most effective year round pest control program. To get more information about the services in your area, click here!