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Bats Found Hibernating In Worcester Attics

Like many other wildlife looking to escape the freezing temperatures, bats could be finding refuge in your attic this winter. While we certainly enjoy the benefits of bats eating mosquitoes throughout the summer months in New England, when they land a spot inside our home, it’s a whole different story. And if you have not checked your attic recently, the RI and MA pest control pros at Big Blue Bug Solutions recommend an inspection to see if bats are hibernating in your attic.

If bats have gotten inside your home it is important to contact the wildlife removal professionals rather than attempting to remove the bats on your own. These critters are capable of spreading rabies and respiratory disease, which makes them a health and safety risk to you and your family. Because of the risks associated with bats only trained bat control experts should tackle this type of pest problem.

The reason that bats hibernate in attics is because the insulation provides enough protection from the cold so that the colony of bats does not freeze during the winter. Bats need a temperature that is not too cold or too hot so the attic in your New England home could be perfect. Bats can easily slip inside through cracks in the doors, windows, attics and chimneys if they are not properly sealed off.

To help prevent a bat infestation in your attic this winter, it is a good idea to first make sure that bats are not already present and then seal off all possible entry points into the home. This includes cracks and holes around windows and doors, utility openings, openings in the chimney and holes or cracks in the attic itself.

If you do find bats roosting in your attic now, or at any point throughout the year, be sure to alert the Worcester pest control professionals by calling Big Blue Bug Solutions. As mentioned before, bats are dangerous pests to have inside the home or to come into contact with so leave bat eviction to the Worcester wildlife control team at Big Blue Bug.

In addition to bat removal services in Worcester, MA, Big Blue Bug Solutions also provides wildlife removal and other pest control services elsewhere in Massachusetts as well as all of Rhode Island and even parts of Connecticut. Give us a shout today to learn more!