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Long New England Winters Require Pest Control Services

Big Blue Bug Solutions

New England winters are known for being cold and full of snow. Some even joke that there are two seasons in New England, “winter and the Fourth of July”. But even with the longer spurts of cold weather and the occasional nor’easter, it is important to understand that pests do not go just away in the winter and that pest control services are still necessary even during the coldest part of the year.

The RI pest control professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions would like to share a few reasons why it is important for New England homeowners to maintain their pest control services during the winter season.

#1 Pests are looking for warm homes.

While some insects are gone with the first freeze, there are still MANY other pests that live on. And not only do they survive the winter, they will do so in style if they find access to the inside of your home. Even just a small crack or hole is enough to welcome an infestation of mice or spiders. And, once they’ve made their way indoors, they will find a place to live, food to eat and water to drink.

#2 People are traveling to get away from the cold.

When you are a New Englander, you strategically plan your vacations during the coldest winter months. But with all the traveling, the risk for bed bug infestations goes way up. Bed bugs can easily latch onto your luggage or clothing and hitch a ride back to your home where they will begin to migrate through the walls into bedrooms where they will get a blood meal from you at night...don’t let the bed bugs bite!

#3 The home gets filled with clutter.

Over the holidays we accumulate a lot of new stuff. And instead of spending the day hauling clutter and old belongings out of the home when the temperatures are near or below freezing, many wait until the spring to do a deep cleaning. This presents a problem in regards to pests because many insects and rodents will hide in clutter and remain undetected for a longer period of time. This means more pests, more destruction, more health concerns, and a harder time of extermination.

So, not only is winter pest control important, it should be a part of your winter routine when living in the northern states. To learn more about winter pests in Providence and the entire state of Rhode Island, as well as parts of Massachusetts and Connecticut, please contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today!