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Do You Have Raccoon Babies In Your Attic?


Raccoons are an amazing creature. Their little hands can take a quarter out of your pocket, flick a latch on a chicken coop and turn a knob on a door. When protecting a home from raccoons, homeowners must protect it as if they are trying to keep out a human burglar. They even look like burglars--little furry burglars. It is easy to forget that these cute and clever creatures can also be a threat. If you have raccoons entering and exiting your home, especially babies, there are some things you should consider before you start thinking about feeding them or turning them into pets.

Raccoons are dangerous. Though not specifically a violent creature, raccoons are notorious for attacking humans. Their commensal nature brings them into close proximity of humans, making it more likely an incident can occur. This animal will attack when cornered, if protecting its young, or if threatened and under the influence of the rabies virus.

Raccoons are dirty. As a commensal creature, this animal lives on the scraps we throw away. An unprotected trashcan is a dinner bowl for raccoons. Because of this trait, raccoons are exposed to rot and decay. If they get into a home, they will spread illness from their fur, and with their urine, feces, and saliva.

Raccoons carry rabies. Being prone to crawling through dumps and sewers has made this animal the number one spreader of rabies in the United States. If you see a raccoon that looks drunk, paralyzed, foaming at the mouth or acting erratically, stay far away. If you are ever bitten by a raccoon, the animal needs to be caught and sent out for rabies testing. Visit for more information on rabies.

Raccoons are destructive. In your attic spaces, this creature and its babies can be quite destructive. And, they will leave their urine and feces wherever they go. This can cause a noticeable scent throughout your home, especially if they get into your ventilation ducts.

In fall, many raccoon mothers seek refuge in the attics of homes and give birth to their young during the spring. If your home has been breached by raccoons, call a professional pest control company to have them safely removed. Pest companies also disinfect contaminated areas and advise on structural modifications that will resist future infestations.

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