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Eight Legs, Eight Eyes, One Creepy Problem

black widow spider found in a providence home

Spiders - to use the most technical terms possible, they are icky, creepy, send-a-tingle down your spine kind of bugs. There are not many people that don't cringe just a bit at the sight of these 8 legged arthropods. Arachnids to be exact, this class are believed to entail 40,000 different species worldwide with around 3500 of those calling America home. Thankfully of those 3500 there are really only 3 main species that we deal with here in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. They are the Sac Spider, the House Spider, and the Black Widow.

House spiders are basically just a nuisance. They are completely harmless, well except for the creep factor. The Sac Spider and the Black Widow, however, are both poisonous. The Sac Spider bite is often misdiagnosed as a brown recluse bite. They are similar, but the brown recluse bite is much more severe. When you are bitten by the Yellow Sac Spider the bite feels like the sting of a wasp causing instant pain. Redness will appear and can last up to 72 hours. Swelling and itching are also present. The wound caused by the bite will generally heal in around 2 weeks.

The Black Widow however is much more serious. These shiny, black spiders are known for their red hourglass design, but only the females carry that mark. Their venom is 15 times more toxic than that of a rattlesnake; but they inject far less quantity of venom than rattlesnakes do, therefore, their bites are less severe. The death rate for black widow bites is less than 1%, and most of those unfortunately are children. The toxin generally affects the central nervous system of its victim. The bite is instantly painful and the pain increases over a few hours. Large muscles can become rigid and spasm. Temperature increase, blood pressure also increases, perspiration and nausea are also usually present.

Whether you are dealing with a nuisance house spider or one of these dangerous spiders, the outcome is the same - they must go. Even the house spider leaves unsightly webs throughout the interior of your home, and there is nothing worse than stepping up to a house to ring the doorbell only to find the entire front entry covered in spider webs. Not a very welcoming signs for sure. Many people try to sweep away spiders only to have them return the very next day. The trouble is that they are so small and those long, scrawny legs can scurry so fast that it is next to impossible to catch them as they squeeze through the smallest of cracks and hide away. Over the counter sprays often have trouble finding their way deep inside cracks and crevices to their hiding places too.

Whenever you find yourself dealing with these creepy crawly critters the best thing to do is call a professional like Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our highly trained staff can get rid of your spiders and those unsightly webs in no time at all, and with our Home Owners Policy you can be assured that they won't be returning. Please feel free to contact us today to learn more about this program.