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Squirrels Looking For Winter Homes In South Portland

squirrel on a homes roof looking for a way inside

Squirrels are a common woodland creature here in South Portland. In fact, they are so common that we barely take notice of them when they scamper through our yard or scurry across the telephone wires above our driveway. We may glance quickly at them if we happen to catch them jumping from branch to branch in the back yard, but we usually don’t give these pests a second thought. Well, unless they are trying to raid our bird feeders and eat the seed we intended for our feathery friends – perhaps then we will actually take notice.

Squirrels, however, should be noticed; and they should be seen for the threat they really are. Sure, when they stay out in the wild where they belong, they pose little risk to you and your family; but when they decide to hang out in your yard or, even worse, decide to set up their home inside yours, that’s when they pose a real threat. The dangers include damage to the structure of your home and the risk of disease to your family. Neither of which is something you would want to deal with.

It is important to remember that squirrels are a part of the rodent family. This means, among other things, that they have front incisors that will never stop growing; and because of this, they must constantly chew to keep their teeth a usable length. It’s not that they mean to chew on your wooden beams, insulation, personal belongings, and wires; it’s just a matter of survival for them. If they allow their teeth to grown too long, they will be unable to use them and will die. However, this doesn’t change the fact that they are ruining your home and your stuff in the process. This habit of gnawing on everything can even pose a fire risk if they decide that live wire in your wall void is a good teething toy. But this is not the only risk when squirrels decide to live in your home.

These creatures do not exactly have the best potty manners. Actually, they don’t have any at all. They will just go wherever and whenever the urge hits them. It won’t matter to them if they are in your attic, your ceiling, or your kitchen cabinet. This is not only an unsanitary practice, but it can also make you sick. Squirrels also carry with them parasites such as ticks, fleas, and mites that can spread diseases of their own to your family. Because of these facts, it is best to discourage squirrels from choosing your home to live in.

The best way to accomplish this if you live in South Portland is to contact the pest control experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions. We have been helping New England residents control pests for more than 80 years. In that time, we have learned a thing or two about keeping New England homes free of pests and the dangers they pose; and we will bring all of our experience, the latest technologies, and integrated pest management techniques to bear on your pest issues to ensure that pests will get out and stay out – every time.

Do not allow squirrels to pose a risk to your home or your family when the trusted team here at Big Blue Bug Solutions can help. Simply give us a call to discuss the details.